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A healthy option for your sweet or savory cravings

For the past nine years, whenever we are craving something creamy and sweet, we have been able to go to Culture Shock and create a frozen yogurt sundae creation that can run the gamut from healthy to tangy to chocolaty to sinfully decadent. Now, you can squash your savory cravings, as well as your urge to crunch, with the store’s new popcorn offerings.

Made from 100% organic popcorn and flavored with all natural, GMO-free ingredients, these wonderful additions to the Culture Shock menu will have you returning again and again. Offered in 8 or 16 cup bags, you can choose from a wide variety of flavors that are packed with Protein, fiber, and essential oils.

The flavors offered are both salty and sweet, including Himalyan Sea Salt, California Cheddar, Butter, Tangy Buffalo, White Cheddar, Homestyle Ranch, Cinnamon Toast, Garlic Butter, Chocolate, Vanilla, Barbeque, Sour Cream & Chives, Parmesan Cheese, Vinegar & Salt, Jalapeno, Sea Salt Sriracha, Salted Bacon, Roasted Garlic & Pepper Salt, Peach-Mango, Wild Raspberry, and Pina Colada.

Culture Shock is also introducing buckets of their flavored popcorn for the holidays, much like the mass-produced tins you can get at any chain drug store but local, organic, and environmentally friendly, as well. The cost for these buckets is $20 with a bow, and if you want it ribbon wrapped for a gift, another $2.50. These make great hostess gifts or a snack to have around the house for watching movies or football during the cold dark months of winter.

Owner Bobbi Giudicelli says that she got the idea to do the buckets because she had stacks of three gallon containers that the sorbet comes in lying around, and didn’t want to just throw them away. So she got creative and turned them into a wonderful gift idea for her customers, a great way to reuse something in a new way as part of her personal commitment to being green. The buckets are cleaned, sterilized, and decorated, then filled with delicious popcorn made to order. “It’s really important to me to be as environmentally conscious as possible and not add to the waste in the landfills,” she said.

Don’t worry, Culture Shock will still carry the ever changing yogurt flavors and toppings bar that you know and love.

Most yogurt shops have a sugar free option that has an artificial sweetener, but Culture Shock makes their reduced sugar yogurt flavors themselves from a stevia-sweetened base. Another thing you won’t find in other places is real fruit sorbets. At Culture Shock, the sorbets are just pureed fruit. Some have a tiny bit of sugar, and others none. They are also one of the very few frozen yogurt establishments in the nation that has nondairy yogurt options, which has all of the nutritional benefits of yogurt without any dairy. In addition, some of the toppings are organic, and Giudicelli is undertaking a project where she will label all of the toppings according to whether they are gluten free, low sugar, dairy free, etc.
“I have always been a health nut, and try to lean toward the healthier things in what I serve,” Giudicelli said. “Nevada County has a lot of health-conscious people, and since I’m obsessed with what is healthy and nutritionally sound, myself, it’s a great fit to be here in this area.”
Earlier this year, Giudicelli was sad to close the Mill St. location of Culture Shock because of all of the great stories she had heard over the years from parents, couples, and others of their special memories there. She said that last year’s winter made it difficult for the cold-treat shop, and she made the very hard decision to close that store so that she could really focus on making her other two Culture Shock locations, one in Auburn and one on Brunswick Road in Grass Valley, better than ever.

The Grass Valley Culture Shock is located at 851 Sutton Way next to Valentina’s Organic Bistro. To get the latest updates on what flavors are available, visit their Facebook page and make sure to “like” them while you’re there, or call 530-274-3444.

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