BREAKING: Bright Fiber project approved by Public Utilities Commission |

BREAKING: Bright Fiber project approved by Public Utilities Commission

The California Public Utilities Commission on Thursday unanimously approved the Bright Fiber high-speed internet project.

The commission’s vote means a $16 million grant initially slated for Spiral Internet is now in the hands of Race Communications. It also approves Race’s acquisition of Bright Fiber, which it will operate as a subsidiary.

The terms of the sale haven’t been released.

Previously in limbo after Spiral Internet said it couldn’t obtain enough private funding to secure the grant, the Bright Fiber project now can proceed. In a release Race said the commission extended the deadline to complete construction on the project to May 2020. It’s already done engineering work on the project and intends to immediately start the permitting process with local government.

“Access to broadband is a crucial resource,” Supervisor Heidi Hall told the commission moments before its vote.

Advocates of the project have touted that it will bring a gigabit internet connection to Nevada County. Almost 2,000 homes are in the service area along Highway 174.

A town hall meeting about the project is scheduled for Jan. 30. Race said it will reveal the time and location of the meeting shortly.

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