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State housing laws could increase Airbnbs

January 16, 2020

The Nevada City Council has updated its additional dwelling unit regulations to comply with new state laws aimed at increasing the housing supply, but council members fear the changes could instead increase the amount of...

Women’s March this Saturday in Nevada City

January 16, 2020

The Fourth Annual Women’s March is being held at noon Saturday at Robinson Plaza on Coyote Street in downtown Nevada City. The march will coincide with hundreds of local marches across the United States, including...

Debbie Gibbs: Please reuse those plastic bottles

January 16, 2020

Do you have a tinge of guilt these days when you put a single use plastic shampoo bottle in the recycle bin? Will it really be recycled and transformed to a useful product? Or will...

Gleaning for a cause

January 16, 2020

On Jan. 12, a total of 15 intrepid Sierra Harvest volunteers braved the muddy Johansen Farm in Penn Valley, gleaning 2,720 pounds of sweet and organic spaghetti and butternut squash. The haul was generously donated...

Joan Merriam: The older dog

January 16, 2020

Writer’s Note: This column previously ran in The Union’s Oct.18 issue, but was accidentally truncated. Here’s the entire column, in full. Many of us who’ve passed the half-century mark aren’t crazy about getting older…yet it’s...

Susan Wallace: The importance of fostering

January 16, 2020

Most rescues are foster home based. This means they can’t take in a dog off death row until a suitable (screened) foster home is available. The shelters are often inflexible with their kill dates. So...

Nevada County Captures: Foresthill Bridge

January 16, 2020

SUBMIT A PHOTO Have you captured the faces, places and events of our lovely community? Need help finding a lost pet? Then submit your photos to The Union’s “Nevada County Captures” page to be published...

Multiple collisions, spin outs reported in Nevada County

January 16, 2020

Multiple vehicle collisions and spin outs were reported Thursday afternoon as snow dumped in Nevada County. Heavy traffic was reported along Highway 49 between Nevada City and Grass Valley after a silver SUV spun out...