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Zuri Berry: Shifting gears into summer

As the school days crawl to a halt, and summer inches its way into our lives, it’s time to re-evaluate the joys of the season – as we do every season.

I’ve been in Grass Valley for a solid eight months. That’s nothing to brag about, but it gives you a newcomer’s perspective.

In my time here, I’ve come to enjoy, very dearly, the competitive nature of the local schools. The kids have strong institutions and great families backing them, and the community produces great excitement for the hometown kids. I didn’t get that in San Francisco, so I like it that much more here.

But in particular, I’ve enjoyed the fact that from fall to winter to spring there has been an exciting team to cover – most times a few – which has brought this area great fortune. In one school year, we’ve seen five section championships and a number of state qualifiers in non-team sports among the three area high schools.

It’s also good to know that there are so many folks who find a means to enjoy sports outside the basics: running, fishing, cycling, exercising and racing their way onto our pages the time I’ve been here. I hope that we will be able to continue to bring attention to those who have interesting stories and broadcast them during this long stretch of nothingness coming.

Sure, there will be little league baseball and youth swimming, but as always is the case: the more stuff to write about the better.

So, in part, I’m writing today in reverence to yesterday and looking ahead to the challenges of tomorrow. We’ve got a couple of things up our sleeves for the summer, a couple of vacations in the bag and a lot of what-ifs. It’s about time to start filling in the blanks, both personally and professionally, so that we can have a fruitful summer.

Whereas most people have killed their New Year’s resolutions, I’m going to revisit mine and ask that you revisit yours as well. This is the time of year when your weekends become freer, technically the days become longer and the urge to travel heightens. I’m going to take the cue and utilize those extra hours after being in the office and run a mile or two. Then I’ll come back and do those 100 crunches I said I’d do everyday for 365 days of the year. (Boy, did I lie to myself.) Afterward, I hope you’ll join me as I take the time to travel down to the parks we’ve ignored. It’s literally blocks, if not a short drive, away from everything here.

Better yet, run.

The point is, do it. If you keep tabs on it, I might write about it. In a summer where the only activity can be shopping and vacations, let’s take back ourselves a little bit and focus on our No. 1 employers: The body, the soul and the mind.

I’m looking forward to the hot summer nights. Let’s hope that they don’t go to waste.

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