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Why can’t sports world just stay clean?

Remember when there used to be sportsmanship and honesty in sports? At least, I like to think that these things used to be practiced on the field and off.

Maybe it’s too long ago to remember – and that’s sad.

If sports are a reflection of society, then what the mirror is showing isn’t too pretty.

One day last week, nearly one fifth of the sports stories that came across the wire had to do with court action – but these courts had judges, not referees.

There were four DUI stories on the wire today alone.

It could be argued that all these things don’t count because they aren’t things that happened on the field of play.

Of course, with that kind of thinking, then Bud Selig, the head of baseball being sued by several former owners for fraud, wouldn’t count either.

The skating scandal would count – even under the loosest standards. Organized crime involved in sports? Hard to believe, isn’t it? Well, not if you’ve ever watched any boxing matches.

The skating scandal is only the top of a very large iceberg. The rest of this Titanic sinker has been there for a long time. The quickly brushed over scandal with the Olympic selection process is just one indication of how big the problem is. It’s not surprising when you realize that the former head of the Olympic movement, Juan Samaranch, was once a high-ranking member of the Fascist party.

The kind of problems facing the sports world aren’t isolated there – look at Enron – but they still need to be faced and dealt with. It’s just not right for on-court and off-court shenagins to continue. Please handle these problems – while there’s still a sports world to follow.

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