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What it’s all about

Editor’s note: Each week, The Union tracks the progress of Lake Wildwood resident Vince Mutascio’s golf game as he works with Steve Madden, certified trainer and owner of Performance Sports Golf. This is the fifth in a six-part series.

For 10 years, I have coached endurance sports like cycling and triathlon and I am still amazed by the progress and development that is possible with proper training and a little hard work.

Human potential and athletic development has limits, but I have yet to find an athlete, professional or amateur, who did not believe that some part of their game or performance could be made better.

And while golf may not be considered a sport in the traditional sense, the principles of training and development still apply with equal effectiveness.

The golf world is changing all the time. Science and technology have revolutionized equipment making golf a more enjoyable game for millions of new players. Along with all this advancement and popularity has come a growing interest in developing the one piece of equipment that can make the greatest difference out on the course, the golfer.

Athletic training develops “Functional Fitness” giving the player greater ability for improving technique and playing better golf. Fitter players improve faster and get more from their lessons because they are better able to perform the drills and movements given by their teacher.

They also have more endurance and are less affected or experience less fatigue over 18 holes.

I can tell when one of my athletes is doing well. They are excited about the work and process and have a growing confidence that creates the motivation to keep things going forward.

As small signs of improvement begin to show I can see the excitement and anticipation of the next breakthrough. Even when the progress is slow, there is a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

As a coach, my job is to prescribe the correct training, monitor progress and educate my athletes about why they are doing certain things and what to expect.

The coach/athlete arrangement is a partnership and when we get it right we share the excitement and sense of accomplishment. When there are setbacks or other challenges we work together to overcome them and succeed.

Such has been the case with Vince. We are having a lot of fun and he is making great progress

Week #5 Findings

When we met on Monday for the second video session and I was happy to hear that Vince shot a 106 over the weekend.

I got really excited when he told me that the score included eight penalty strokes. It looks like some of the pieces are starting to fall in place.

His setup position looks really good and he has a more athletic posture over the ball. With increased hip flexibility and better range of motion, he can swing the club on a much better plane.

He also had a lesson last week and is making some mechanical changes in his swing. He did report some stiffness in his back and some fatigue left over from the weekend, so I advised him to skip playing on Monday afternoon and give his body more time to recover.

We are playing together for the first time this week and I am very excited to see how he looks on the course.

Steve Madden

Performance Sports Golf

“Changing the game, one player at a time”

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