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Benefiting Sierra Services for the Blind

Monday, June 6

Four-person scramble

At DarkHorse Golf Club, Par 72

Pl. Team Front Back Total

T1. Findeisen 29 29 58

T1. Jensen 30 28 58

3. Weaver 31 31 62

T4. Chaney 33 30 63

T4. Telestream 32 31 63

T6. Blinder 32 32 64

T6. Christie 32 32 64

T6. Sisley 34 30 64

9. Smiley 33 32 65

10. Polhemus 33 33 66

11. Rose 34 33 67

12. DivotMat 35 33 68

T13. George The Greek 35 34 69

T13. Madden 37 32 69

T15. Kiser 36 34 70

T15. The Union 35 35 70

T17. Bice 38 33 71

T17. Gateway 36 35 71

T19. Berger 36 38 74

T19. Henslee 36 38 74

21. Tribe 38 38 76

22. KNCO n/a n/a n/a

Team members

T1. Findeisen – Brad Findeisen, Willie Hall, Kirk Liford, Steve Stepanion.

T1. Jensen – Scott Dunbar, Kyle Gilmore, Fred Huston, Jeff Jensen

3. Weaver – n/a

T4. Chaney – Dale Bourne, Brad Chaney, Clay Ghiringhelli, Jack Vogel

T4. Telestream – Bill Harris, David Heppe, Don Oliver, Andy Witek

T6. Blinder – Shari Barley, John Blinder, Charlie Brock, Jay Egan

T6. Christie – Dan Christie, Paul Gagliolo, Chris Greenlee, Jim Kiser

T6. Sisley – John Forbes, Jim Mullins, Mike Ruggles, Dennis Sisley

9. Smiley – Rudolph Holguin, John Pulos, Justin Pulos, John Smiley

10. Polhemus – Bruce Ferguson, Jeff Jope, Jody Polhemus, Wendy Polhemus

11. Rose – Dave Driscoll, Mike Foster, Jim Lenzini, Jim Rose

12. DivotMat – Scott Gold, Brian Korn, Dave Korn, Tim Roach

T13. George The Greek – George Theodore, Dave Thomas, Norm Vilhauer, Dan Weet

T13. Madden – Steve Madden, Doug Anderson, Greg Smorodinsky, Bob Utley

T15. Kiser – n/a

T15. The Union – Jeff Ackerman, Greg Seghezzi, Bill Lavelle, Brian Hamilton

T17. Bice – Lee Bice, Richard Harmon, John Howard, Joy Miller

T17. Gateway – Dave Lincoln, Dale Mespie, John Miller

T19. Berger – Mark Berger, Steve Gehrts, Gene Hamilton, Dave Harrison

T19. Henslee – Dan Henslee, Brian Johnson, Richard Lopp, Del Sutherland

21. Tribe – Carroll Bravo, Dan Chancellor, Wayne Fields, Lane Tribe

22. KNCO – Jerry Ciu, Gary Jacobson, Patrick Stevens, Rita Steven

– The Union staff

NorCal PGA Seniors

At Saddle Creek Golf Club in Copperopolis

Match Play Championship

June 6-9


Larry Babica (Sequoia Woods CC) DEF Don Giovannini (Redwood Shores, CA 1UP


Rick Jetter (Spring Valley GC) DEF Tim Berg (Haggin Oaks GC) 2&1


Larry Babica (Sequoia Woods CC) DEF Steve Caulkins (Brentwood G&CC) 21ST HOLE

Don Giovannini (Redwood Shores, CA) DEF Al Kruger (Round Hill CC) DEF) 20TH HOLE


Al Kruger (Round Hill CC) DEF Mike Roberson (Valley Oaks GC) 1UP

Don Giovannini (Redwood Shores, CA) DEF Eric Pohl (Bass Lake GC) 3&1

Steve Caulkins (Brentwood G&CC) DEF Bruce Pluim (Aptos, CA) 1UP

Larry Babica (Sequoia Woods CC) DEF Rick Rhoads (San Francisco GC) 1UP


Rick Jetter (Spring Valley GC) DEF Larry O’Neill (Santa Clara, CA) 1 UP

Tim Berg (Haggin Oaks GC) DEF George Bruno (La Rinconada CC) 1 UP


Allan Kruger (Round Hill CC) DEF Phil Arinno (Meadowmont G&CC) 3&2

Mike Roberson (Valley Oaks GC) DEF Michael Chapman (Salinas G&CC) 6&5

Eric Pohl (Bass Lake GC) DEF John Joseph (Tri-Valley GC) 1 UP

Don Giovannini (Redwood Shores, CA) DEF Ron Hoyt (IndianValley GC) 21ST HOLE

Bruce Pluim (Aptos, CA) DEF Doug Caldwell (Woodland, CA) 2 UP

Steve Caulkins (Brentwood G&CC) DEF Doug Cody (Whitney Oaks GC) 1 UP

Rick Rhoads (San Francisco GC) DEF Charlie Eddie (Boulder Ridge GC) 1 UP

Larry Babica (Sequoia Woods CC) DEF Jeff Piserchio (Blackberry Farm GC) 1 UP


Phil Arinno (Meadowmont G&CC) DEF Gerry Greenfield (Corral de Tierra CC) 4&3

Mike Roberson (Valley Oaks GC) DEF Chris Bitticks (Saddle Creek GC) 6&5

Michael Chapman (Salinas G&CC) DEF Jim Collart (El Dorado Hills, CA) 3&2

Eric Pohl (Bass Lake GC) DEF George Buzzini Jr. (Jack Tone Golf) 2 UP

Don Giovannini (Redwood Shores, CA) DEF Joe Mortara Jr., (Penn Valley, CA) 3&2

Doug Caldwell (Woodland, CA) DEF Joe Vavra (Richmond CC) 2 UP

Steve Caulkins (Brentwood G&CC) DEF Don Rumpf (Pin High Golf Center) 3&2

Doug Cody (Whitney Oaks GC) DEF Glen Stubblefield (La Contenta GC) 1 UP

Charlie Eddie (Boulder Ridge GC) DEF Paul Wilcox (Danville, CA) 20TH HOLE

Larry Babica (Sequoia Woods CC) DEF Norbert Wilson (Forrest Meadows GC) 22ND HOLE

– Northern California PGA


Jr. Miners earn Shrine Bowl selections

Five Jr. Miner football players and four Jr. Miner cheerleaders have all been selected to participate in the Sacramento (SYF) Youth Shrine Bowl, which benefits Shriners Hospitals for Children.

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