The best Miner of all time? |

The best Miner of all time?

Miners, here are your nominees for The Best of All-Time.

C’mon Miners, fight for your guys, nominate and vote. Write in votes are encouraged, too. Come to the fundraiser and find out, who are the Best of All-Time in NU Football. We are tallying the votes and will disclose your picks for the Best of All-Time at our Auction Fundraiser this Saturday (Sept. 25) at the Grass Valley Veterans Hall.

1. (’78) against Placer for the first varsity championship in school history.

2. Beating Elk Grove at Woodland in ’89 with both teams 11-0.

3. Beating Davis in the ’89 City Championship with Curtis Vals tackling future NFL player Jason Fisk for a loss on the one-yard line at end of game.

4. Jason Youngman blocking a field goal with one second left to beat Del Campo in ’90 for the league championship.

5. (’93) Beat a 13-0 Merced team for NU’s 1st SJS Championship 34-13.

6. (’94) City Championship, down by 10 with 3 minutes left, came back to beat Davis 31-27.

7. Beating Grant at Grant vs. Chad Elliott, Ontario Smith and Donte Stallworth in (’96).

8. (’03) Beat Grant with dramatic last second double pass to win league title and go 10-0. Be honest, how many of you had already gone home?

9. (’04) Beating an undefeated Jesuit 21-20 at their place on the way to section title game.

10. (’05) Shutting out Grant twice in one year, 21-0 in league then 30-0 in the City Championship.

11. (’09) beat Monterey Trail 20-2 to capture 4th SJS Championship.

Write-in Vote:

QB – Broughan Jantz (’09) John Sheets (’02), Josh Roenicke (’00), Thor Larsen (’93), Marshall McCauley (’91), Chris Cota (’82), Dave Heppe (’78), Gary Mitchell (’69), and Randy Humphries (’66), Mark Paye (’55)

RB -Rich and Ryan Herrera (’04), Jefferson Heidelberger (’00), Matt Massari (’99), Bryan Dwyer (’96), Isaac Ostrom (’94), A.J. Kunkle (’93), Tim Trokey (’90), Jeremy Monroe (’89), Dennis Houlihan (’87), Pat Birdsong (’85), Armin Anderson (’80), Jay Wilcox (’71), John Paye (’63)

WR -Josh Noxon (’05), Joe Dolan (’02), Chris Stephan (96), John Link (’95), Pat Williams (’93), Mark Landon (’92), Brian Steber (’81), Pete Phelan (’78), and Noel White (’69), Butch Ellis (’67)

TE -Dan Pettinato (’09),Brennan McFadden (’04), Spencer Havner and Logan Carter (’00), Sean Murphy (97), Gabe Whittler (’93), Nate Allen (’94), Brian Van Norman (’88), Grant Core (’83), Kent Nelson (’81)

OL -Taylor Dever (’06), Andrew Jackson (’05), Nick Casci (03), Jason Leach (’00), Randy Gates (’99), John Salcedo (’96), Brian Steger (’93), Jacob Bartrug (’91), Tobin Molica (’86), and Steve Gordon (’86).

DL -Dan Pettinato (’09), Zach Masch (’06), Andrew Jackson (’05), Warren Jackson (’99), Brian Steger (’93), Rob Trokey (’87), Nate Deaton (’83), and Chris Nite (’78).

OLB -Eric Niederberger (’08), Dan Graning (’05), David Zealer (’05), Wittler brothers: Josh, Gabe and Micah (’90,’93 & ’96), Nate Allen (’94), Brian Van Norman (’88), Don Johnson (’87), Grant Core (’83), and Ken Buck (’78).

ILB -Zach Vallejo (’09), Tucker Colomb (’07), Ty Still (’01), Joel Beam (01), Spencer Havner (’00), Logan Carter (’00), Josh Van Matre (’99), David Sinclair (97), Justin Benecke (’93), Curtis Vals (’88), Troy Spangler (’88), Leslie Figueroa (’86), Kelly Graham (82), and Joe Hedges (’78).

DB -Cole Stanford (’08), James Brindley (’05), Jason Snavely (’02), Jason and Josh Roenicke (’03 & ’00), Matt Massari (’97), Brian Dwyer (’96), Pat Williams and Scott Heilmann (’93), Chris Nixon (’83), and Pete Phelan (’78), Rich Brooks (’54).

Rob Trokey (’87). Defensive player of the year at 150-pound nose guard, Scott Cloud (’89) and Mike Fouyer (’94) and Conner Klauer (’09).

Nominations are: Rich and Ryan Herrera; Jefferson, Ryder, and Adhem Heidelberger; Josh and Jared Van Matre; Tim and Rob Trokey; Thor and Brock Larsen; Gabe and Micah Whittler; Jarrett, Josh and Jason Roenicke; Dennis, Tyler and coach Pat Houlihan; Kemp and Cole Stanford; James and Thomas Brindley; Andrew, Sean and Warren Jackson; Broughan, Steele, and Truk Jantz; Nate and Glen Deaton; Andy, Chuck, and Drew Hoskin; Kevin, Mike, and Joey Bratton; Zach, Tanner and Cody Vallejo; Hank, Gabe and coach Humphers; Forest, Eyler, and Roland Harrison; and Joe, Nick, Sam and Coach Mike Cartan, Glen and Conner Fuller; Wayne and Rich Brooks.

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