Super dull |

Super dull

What a dud.

After two weeks of hype surrounding what just may be the biggest event in the world of sports, I can’t help but feel cheated.

Now, before all of you Patriots fans form a mob and storm to The Union building, it’s not the game itself I had a problem with – although the complete lack of offense for the first 20 minutes-or-so of the first half had me seriously contemplating a switch to the figure skating competition on ESPN – it was the commercials.

Raise your coffee cups if you’re with me.

With the obscene amounts of cash sponsors are forced to shell out to buy time on the grandaddy of football games, you’d think their ad agencies would come up with something a little more entertaining.

Now, there were a few chuckles to be had, especially from the domestic beer company, which will remain nameless, but not much beyond that.

Instead of a trio of frogs doin’ their thing, or Clydesdales – steam coming from their nostrils – lining up on a snow-covered field to play football, we got movie trailers about such scintillating subjects as the Trojan War, the battle at the Alamo and something to do with Spanish conquistadors.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t those the subjects most of us slept through during high school?

I’m sure I speak for most everyone out there when I say save the history stuff for Discovery Channel.

From there we move on to the ads dedicated to something near and dear to the hearts of men everywhere:

Erectile dysfunction.


Now, there’s a subject which is bound to get the dullest of shin digs off to a roaring start.

I by no means mean to belittle users of the these little miracles.

I can guarantee the subject is very serious to anyone who has to deal with it.

That’s just my point: It’s a downer -no pun intended.

Why not advertise pet euthanasia or tax hikes?

I know, why not spring for a series of ads on epidemics worldwide?

Call me a dreamer, but I just want to have a laugh or two while I kick back and enjoy the the greatest sporting spectacle in the world.

Is that so wrong?

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