Strong hold – Volunteers help pull off Lyman Gilmore tournament |

Strong hold – Volunteers help pull off Lyman Gilmore tournament

Nearly 640 elementary and middle school kids from 40 schools competed on 12 mats in three gyms Saturday at the 20th Annual Lyman Gilmore Wrestling Invitational at Nevada Union High School.

The event was again a success thanks to the help of many people in the community who were generous with their time.

Lyman Gilmore wrestling coach Dave Lawell was pleased with the tournament.

“There are two other tournaments going on this weekend, but we always get a good turnout because we’re known as a competitive tournament, especially at the varsity level,” Lawell said. “This is our main fund-raiser, not just for the wrestling team, but for all our other sports as well. We are able to spread it around.

“We have parents who come back every year, some whose kids have gone on to college and some whose kids are in high school. We have great support.”

Stephanie Pope, principal of Lyman Gilmore Middle School, was impressed with the volunteer turnout.

“It’s just amazing how many parents we have … the wrestling parents club running the snack bars, even people whose kids have already graduated, it’s just great,” Pope said. “They started loading trucks at six last night at Lyman Gilmore with mats and tables and things and many will be here tonight to pack it all up.

“We have 12 to 15 teachers here helping to post results and I can’t believe the number of children. We have about 70 kids from the school here helping. The basketball teams, boys and girls, the cheerleaders and kids from other teams. It’s really amazing.”

Weight classes ranged from 66-215 pounds with each match needing a referee, timekeeper, scorekeeper and ref beater (someone who lets the referee know when time is up for hte period by hitting him/her with a rolled-up towel) for each match. In addition to what was needed for each match, a scorer’s table in each gym was manned by a half dozen people to record and post the results. Don’t forget the snack bar attendants, security and volunteers to set-up and take-down the day’s event.

Among the volunteers, parents Andy Hoskins, Mike Cena and Dru Wolf spent their time, beginning at 10 a.m., manning the barbecue and slicing meat for the tri-tip sandwiches.

“The kids come and tell us when they’re wrestling and we take turns going to watch them,” Hoskins added. “We’ll stick around and help break down afterwards and then go down to Miner Moe’s for pizza.”

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