Phil Carville: Safe and effective miracle drug |

Phil Carville: Safe and effective miracle drug

Phil Carville
Fitness Columnist

OK! You’re not feeling like your old self.

You are a senior; you have gained weight and lost motivation … you might even say you are feeling a bit puny.

What to do?

Don’t you wish there was some miracle drug to reinvigorate your body, to drop weight, to protect against heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, depression and so on?

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What if you walked into your doctor’s office and she said, “I can write you a prescription for a miracle drug that helps prevent almost every illness, including certain cancers, obesity and it works for every person around the world with no side effects.”

You might say to yourself, “I’ve known this woman a long time, but I think she’s gone crazy.”


She smiles and continues “It’s the weight-loss drug millions have been waiting for. Research shows that while you lose weight in a totally healthy way, the drug can also reduce the progression of Type 2 diabetes by 58% and with long term use Type 2 diabetes can be reversed.”

OK, this proves it. She’s off her rocker!

She continues “The drug can also prevent heart disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol) and greatly reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.”

She continues on “The drug strengthens your immune system, blocks the progression of dementia and Alzheimer’s by up to 50 percent. It helps your brain to work better and longer compared to those who refuse to take it.”

Now she has you thinking. She is either nutso or trying to sell me on some very expensive pharmaceutical. Be careful … keep your hand on your wallet.

She gets ridiculous now.

“Psychologically the drug reduces symptoms of depression by 30-50%. It attacks low energy and boosts self-esteem, helps end addiction — especially smoking and drinking — and can cure sleep disorders like insomnia and apnea.”

She won’t stop.

“We know it reduces chronic low-level inflammation which plays a key role in causing some of the worst diseases: heart disease, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome and more.

“Unbelievably, this drug helps to make your bones stronger, muscles less susceptible to injury and prevents falls in seniors. Postmenopausal women who took the drug four times a week had a 47 percent lower risk of hip fracture. And persons with knee arthritis pain saw their pain reduced by half.

“The miracle is that the more you take, the better you feel, and it is hard to overdose on this drug.”

“But I lied,” says your doc. “There are side effects.”

Aha! You were right. She was trying to trick you.

Your doc laughs, “There are two side effects: this medicine decreases the risk of premature death, and this medicine raises the quality of life.”

You say, “OK Doc. If everything you say is true, then every doctor in the world who didn’t prescribe the medicine would be committing medical malpractice.”

Your Doc smiles and says “One hundred percent correct. So, let’s talk about how we are going to fill your prescription.”

By now you may have guessed that the medicine that works for all those diseases is exercise. Everything I have told you is true. Science has shown again and again across all manner of diseases, maladies and health risks that exercise is one of the world’s most-effective medicines.

It’s safe and effective, so “Why don’t you ask your doctor about exercise today?”

Phil Carville is a co-owner of the South Yuba Club. He is happy to respond to comments or answer questions. You can reach him at

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