GET INTO GOLF: Masters blends tradition, innovation |

GET INTO GOLF: Masters blends tradition, innovation

John Renslow
Golf Columnist

Madonna…Elvis… It only takes one word and everyone knows who you’re talking about. In our golf universe, you only have to say “Masters” and we know exactly what you’re talking about.

In a time when the identity of events and sports arenas are being changed on a regular basis, the title and location of Masters has not wavered and was the first name put forward when the tournament began in 1934.

Primarily due to dollars, identities in entertainment or recreation are often confused. The Oakland Coliseum became the Network Associates Coliseum, then Coliseum, and now it’s the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. The Oakland Raiders, became the Los Angeles Raiders, then the Oakland Raiders and now are the soon to be Las Vegas Raiders. It happens all the time.

Yet, for the Masters the name and the venue do not change. Other events will change locations every year or sponsors change, but this tournament and this place stay the same. Bobby Jones, one of golf’s greatest, if not the greatest, desired to build a golf course after retiring in 1930. Augusta, Georgia was the chosen area and the search began.

Upon seeing this 365 acre parcel, Jones was reported to have said, “Perfect! And to think this ground has been lying here all these years waiting for someone to come along and lay a golf course on it.”

Throughout the years, the adjustments have been made to stay with the times, yet the heart of the golf course remains. It is a magical synergy of tradition and innovation.

There may be no better televised golf event than the Masters and with so many colorful players in the mix, you don’t want to miss one minute. Last year’s winner, Patrick Reed, returns to defend his title after a solid week (15 under par) earned the trophy and the green jacket. Virtually all of the world’s best players travel to Augusta, Georgia, to take home one of those bright green jackets.

Even a few old guys have an opportunity to grace the leaderboard on Sunday. Fred Couples, 59, Larry Mize, 60, and Bernhard Langer, 61, round out an intriguing cast of characters and this will be fun to watch.

Change is good. We like our unique gadgets, new cars, and hi-tech drivers. But we also like things that stand the test of time, things we know by name, sometimes by a single word.

The Championship is televised by CBS this weekend. Also, the tournament’s website is probably the best you will see all year with multiple live streams all day at or a well designed app your favorite mobile device.

John Renslow is a PGA Professional, VP of Yugi Golf Management, and provides golf instruction at local courses.

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