South Yuba Club offers cross training for all levels |

South Yuba Club offers cross training for all levels

Mike Carville believes all those who want to get in shape can, and he wants to be the one to show them how.

As fitness director of South Yuba Club, Carville said that people join gyms because they want to see results, but often times, they don’t know how to achieve them.

“People don’t come here because they dig walking on a treadmill or like lifting weights,” he said. “They come here because they want results. Just because you have a big room with fancy equipment doesn’t mean people are going to use it or use it the right way.”

That’s why Carville has South Yuba Club firmly focused on “results-based fitness” and from that focus he spawned the Clubhouse.

In a small building adjacent to the main South Yuba Club building in Nevada City is a workout facility filled with TRX bands, kettle bells and a whole lot of other equipment designed to make you sweat and reap results.

The Clubhouse offers several different classes, some of which pushed not only me but a couple of NFL players to their limits.

The cross training class had recently signed Dallas Cowboy Taylor Dever and Seattle Seahawk Zach Masch, sweating profusely and dropping in exhaustion by the end of the workout.

But the great thing about the cross training class is it’s set up so you get out of it what you put into it.

I too was collapsing with exhaustion, but I wasn’t putting up the weight that Dever and Masch were because I was working at a pace more suitable for me.

“It’s a testament to the fact that our program is pretty flexible.” Carville said. “You see the likes of Taylor (Dever) and Zach (Masch) in here, but you also see the woman who is 40 pounds overweight who’s only been here four weeks.”

Cross training is a mix of strength training, flexibility and cardiovascular work. The session is about an hour long. You work out at one of 12 stations for 40 seconds and get 20 seconds of rest before moving to the next exercise.

The routines change every week and challenge you to work out your entire body and not just the glamour muscles.

Carville and his staff design the workouts each week and pull them from college and professional sports regiments, Carville said.

Many of the people who attend Clubhouse classes are preparing for Tough Mudder, which is a 12-mile race littered with military style obstacles. Fifty-five South Yuba Club members will be competing in the Sept. 22 race in Tahoe. The cross training classes seem to be the informal training program for many of the members who will be competing in the event.

For those just getting back into the swing of working out there are TRX suspension classes that emphasize a full body workout with lots of rest incorporated. TRX suspension is the least aggressive workout that goes on in the Clubhouse and focuses mostly on flexibility and strength.

For a more aggressive workout similar to cross training, there is kalos sthenos, which focuses on strength training with less of an emphasis on cardiovascular work. The term “kalos sthenos” is Greek for “beautiful strength,” and it is where we get the word calisthenics.

The trainers do a good job of navigating the class of around six to 12 people and are sure to give all participants attention as they progress through the workouts.

The trainers I worked with at the Clubhouse were the perfect mix of support and motivation. Kevin Bennett, Amanda Hulmuth and Carville are all well qualified and have a knack for getting the best out of you.

Carville also helps members develop a diet and nutritional plan that helps them get the results they are looking for.

The cross training class was the best workout I’ve come across since beginning this fitness odyssey, and even though I only dropped four pounds in April, I noticed a considerable difference in my muscle definition, and I had to put another hole in my belt to keep my pants up.

The Clubhouse classes are $129, which includes access to the club facilities like the pool, weights and all other classes that South Yuba Club has to offer.

The next stop on my exercise journey is at one of the newest workout facilities to pop up in Nevada County, Joey Bratton’s Fit Culture Studio.

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