RUNNING: Hundreds resolved to run on New Year’s Day |

RUNNING: Hundreds resolved to run on New Year’s Day

The Union staff

Nearly 300 runners and walkers kicked off the new year with a run through the Chicago Park area, participating in the Resolve2Run 5K/10K Jan. 1.

In addition to being the first race on the 2018 Gold Country Grand Prix circuit, the event also raises funds for several good causes such as the Chicago Park 4-H Club, which dates back to 1929 and is the oldest continuously running 4-H Club in California. Funds are also raised for the Chicago Park School PTA and The Chicago Park Firefighters Association.

Earning first place in the men’s 10K was Jim Pelton, 37, who crossed the finish line in a time of 39 minutes, 49 seconds. Taking home the top spot in the women’s 10K was Makie Ohler, 55, in a time of 44:48. The 10K featured 71 total runners.

In the women’s 5K, Jade Biittner, 11, was first to finish with a mark of 22:38. Over in the men’s 5K, Kevin Selby, 44, took first place with a time of 18:45. The 5K race had 200 runners.


Taking the top spot in their respective age groups (AG) in the men’s 5K race were: Riley Dungan (26:58) in the 10-and-under AG, Travis Selby (20:57) in the 11-14 AG, Coal Barker (1:05:46) in the 15-18 AG, Matthew Pistone (24:10) in the 19-29 AG, Kevin Ruszel (25:50) in the 30-39 AG, Kevin Selby in the 40-49 AG, John Fairchild (24:15) in the 50-59 AG, Michael Allmon (28:34) in the 60-69 AG, and Angus MacKay (40:22) in the 70-79 AG.

In the women’s 5K, age group winners include: Kate Huseby (27:58) in the 10-and-under AG, Biittner in the 11-14 AG, McKenna Henzie (24:02) in the 15-18 AG, Hannah Hudnall (35:41) in the 19-29 AG, Amy Pistone (22:44) in the 30-39 AG, Heather McClendon (27:42) in the 40-49 AG, Holly LaChappell (30:16) in the 50-59 AG, Tamara Hendrick (30:33) in the 60-69 AG, Kathleen Kopf (1:05:21) in the 70-79 AG, and Lynne Hurrell (34:37) in the 80-99 AG.

Age group winners in the women’s 10K were: Kelli McCarty (55:16) in the 11-14 AG, Lauren Graham (1:04:24) in the 19-29 AG, Melanie Marsico (46:36) in the 30-39 AG, Dianne Tiffany (46:29) in the 40-49 AG, Ohler in the 50-59 AG, Karen Henderson (59:18) in the 60-69 AG, and Cynci Calvin (1:15:45) in the 70-79 AG.

Men’s 10K age group winners include: Theo Aronow (1:15:15) in the 10-and-under AG, Lucas Mijares (42:04) in the 19-29 AG, Pelton in the 30-39 AG, David Leeke (45:06) in the 40-49 AG, Jim Pritchard (48:12) in the 50-59 AG, Alex Danner (50:08) in the 60-69 AG, and Drue Mathies (54:02) in the 70-79 AG.

All age group winners earned 10 points toward their 2018 Gold Country Grand Prix season standings.

The next race on the Gold Country Grand Prix’s 10-race series will be the Paint the Town Blue 5K which is set for March. 25.

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