Run for your Life: Strong turnout for new event |

Run for your Life: Strong turnout for new event

The inaugural Habitat Trail Run, held last Saturday on the Pioneer Trail which runs along Highway 20 from the Harmony Ridge Market away from Nevada City, had a good turnout.

A total of 189 participants ran in three races: 75 finishers in the 5K, along with 51 in the 10K and 48 in the half marathon. There were also 15 walkers in the 5K.

First-year events commonly endure the learning curve, and this one had its share of glitches, which likely will be resolved by next year’s races.

There were reports of a few runners taking wrong turns in every event, with about half the top 10 in the 10K going wrong. The runners handled a touchy situation well, working out where their finish places should have been, with all seeming satisfied.

Given some problems with final times, not all will be listed in this article. Grand Prix (GP) totals are unofficial.

Grass Valley’s Judy Alberts won the women’s 10K in 48 minutes, 46 seconds (fourth overall) to remain undefeated in five Grand Prix races this year. Smartville’s Inka Mims was third in the women’s half marathon (HM) and in the 40-49 age group (AG) in 1:48:49, and thanks to the quirks of the GP, got 10 points to remain in first in the 40-49 GP with 54 points to 50 for Alberts.

Grass Valley’s Jill Vahidi won the women’s HM and 40-49 AG in 1:45:44 (12th) to remain in first in the 30-39 GP with 44 points. Heather Bullis, also from GV, despite finishing third in the 30-39 AG in 2:07:13, scored 10 first place points and remains one behind with 43.

Colfax’s Kirsten Koch won the women’s 5K and 40-49 AG in 23:21 (12th overall), which kept her in third in that GP with 41 points.

Former Nevada Union HS running star Andrew Primrose, home from college, won the 5K by almost three minutes in a blazing fast 17:18.

Reno’s Chris Badolato, in his first race after turning 30, ran away from the field to win the HM and 30-39 AG in 1:28:05 and lead the 20-29 GP with 50 points. Oakland’s Conor Medley won the 20-29 AG in the 10K in 48:28 (third) to move into second in the GP with 37 points.

Nevada City’s Larry Defeyter, despite going off course, still won the 10K in 45:59 and remains third in that GP with 40 points. Oregon House’s Pete Lubbers finished third in the HM in 1:35:54 and won the 30-39 AG to remain in first in that GP with 57 points. Dixon’s Greg Ngo finished second in the 5K in 19:57 and stays in second in the 30-39 GP with 41 points. Nevada City’s Sid Heaton finished fifth in the 5K in 20:46, second in the 30-39 AG and still fourth in that very tough GP with 29 points.

The Boutte family had a great day at the races with Jessica finishing second female in the 5K (14th), winning the 13-15 AG and leading her GP with 40 points. Younger sister Jaime was close behind in 15th place, winning the 12 and under AG and leading that GP with 40 points.

Not to be outdone, the male side of the family joined the GP with father Jeff winning the 40-49 AG in 20:26 (fourth) and Justin finishing second in the 16-19 AG in 20:06 (third).

Nevada City’s V. Neelakantan finished second in the HM in 1:31:36, winning the 40-49 AG and holding first in that AG with 50 points. Grass Valley’s Shawn Ryley, eighth in the 5K in 21:32 and third in the 40-49 AG, remains in second in that GP with 43 points. Robert Warner was second in the 10K in 47:27, winning the 40-49 AG to move into third in the GP with 22 points. Michael Hodgson, second in that AG in the 5K in 21:07 (sixth), is fourth in that GP with 21 points.

I finished ninth in the 5K in 22:14 and won the 50-59 AG, which keeps me in first in the GP with 47 points. Ted White (fifth) edged Larry Mason (sixth) by one second in the 10K, 48:48 to 48:49, to win the 50-59 AG and hold onto third in the GP with 32 points. Mason is second with 41 points. Yuba City’s Mike Buzbee was second in the 50-59 AG in the HM in 1:41:10 (sixth), but got 10 first place points to hold fourth in that GP with 30 points.

Rising star Kael Newton won the 12-and-under AG in his first 10K, running 49:40 (ninth), to pick up ground in the GP race with Sean Lubbers, who was second in that AG in 59:34 (27th). Lubbers leads that GP with 55 points to 49 for Newton. Jack Devlin won that AG in the 5K.

Gene Gilligan won the 60-69 AG in 23:00 (11th), with John Darlington second in 23:27 (13th). Yuba City’s Ken Gaal won that AG in the HM in 1:54:16, with GP scorekeeper Gary Loucks second. Frank Ribeiro won the 10K 60-69 AG in 53:22 (12th). Darlington and Gaal are tied for first in the GP with 50 points.

Lynne Hurrell, undefeated in her AG, won again, taking the 70 and over AG in the HM in 2:45:32. She has a huge lead in her GP with 60 points.

Mary McLean was the fifth female finisher and won the 60-69 AG in the 5K and remains undefeated, leading her GP with 50 points.

Oregon House’s Hayes Ayuli won the 13-15 AG in the 10K in 59:27 to move into a tie for first place in the GP with 40 points.

Reno’s Herb Ketzler won the 70 and over AG in the 5K and moved into second in that GP with 27 points.

Carly Brush won the 20-29 AG in the HM in 2:14:07 and leads that GP with 53 points. Rebecca Davis, the second woman in the 10K, won that AG in 53:18 and Ariel Lovett, fourth woman, was second in 54:57, which moves her into third in that GP with 26 points.

Therese Iknoian was fourth woman and won the 50-59 AG in the 5K and moves into a tie for second in that GP with 27 points. Auburn’s Angie Williams, who was second in that AG in the 5K is in first in the GP with 45 points.

Mallory Meier won the 16-19 AG in the 10K in 59:25 and moved up to only one point out of first with 39 points in her GP.

Penn Valley’s Matt and Rick Hillar finished first and second in the 16-19 AG in the HM in 1:50: 55 and 1:51:42.

Other top finishers in the HM were John Pang (fourth, second 40-49), Mike Miller (fifth, 50-59 AG winner), Dean Garcia, Mike Newsom, Ben Dickson and Troy Vahidi (seventh through tenth, third through sixth 30-39).

Other top finishers in the 10K were Michael Kennedy, Dave Berreman and Dan Fuston (seventh, eighth and tenth, second through fourth in the 40-49 AG).

Top finishers in the 5K not already covered were B.J. Lindholm (seventh in 21:21 and third 30-39 AG) and Yuba City’s Rick Browning (tenth in 22:27, fourth 40-49 AG).

More complete results along with updated Grand Prix standings will be available on the Sierra TrailBlazers Web site.


Steve Bond is a competitive runner who lives in Grass Valley and regularly writes columns and feature stories about running for The Union. He may be reached via e-mail at

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