RENSLOW: PGA Tour making its way through Asia |

RENSLOW: PGA Tour making its way through Asia

John Renslow
Golf Columnist

We have discussed recent changes by the PGA Tour to a “wrap around” season that begins in the later part of one calendar year and extends through the summer of the next.

The annual points list which qualifies players for the big money FedEx sponsored playoff series follows this same schedule.

The goal was to make all of the schedule meaningful. It did end some of the fun, “foo-foo” events, yet enter in a host of new events that have credibility with the players.

As a result, we have interesting additions to the calendar. The PGA Tour has spent most of the month in Asia. South Korea and Malaysia are on the schedule and this week is one of the World Golf Championship events (there are four) in China.

The LPGA Tour has been doing this for years and this fall have been in similar places with Taiwan, Malaysia, China and South Korea part of their tour.

Ironic, we, here in California, are part of the ‘West Coast” swing in the winter (while most places are too cold and wet). Now, it seems each fall we will experience the ‘Far East’ swing.

Enjoy it all with some big names in China. Dustin Johnson is leading and it should be a fun weekend.

John Renslow is a PGA Class A Professional and Instructor at Alta Sierra Country Club. Please contact John with your questions or comments at

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