RENSLOW: No two swings are alike |

RENSLOW: No two swings are alike

As you watch golf swings on television or at the local club, it becomes clear that no two swings are alike. Each motion has a different combination of rhythm (or the absence of it), timing (or the lack of it), and position (or multiples of it).

Many veterans of the game have fluid swings that resemble art, poetry in motion. There is a semblance of order, uniformity in the parts, an attractive balance. In fact, when implemented correctly, an optimal synergy exists creating maximum distance from minimal exertion.

Others might be accused of violence. Random parts are seen thrashing about, seemingly without forethought or care of unintended consequences. It begs the question; can a body sustain this type of stress? Or, how many Advil do they need?

However, a swing does not live on beauty alone. If the result is successful and we have a reasonable chance at repetition, we’re good to go. Possessing an attractive swing lends itself to greater consistency (it’s simple to repeat) and it’s easier on your body (probably allowing you to play more golf and enjoy it longer), but it is not a prerequisite for a good shot.

Seriously though, who wants an ugly golf swing? All those moving parts make it difficult to hit similar shots, it’s hard to impress your boss or that new client on the course, and your joints can only take so much.

We all need a helpful eye and an able counselor. We’re like the duckling who prefers to be a swan. Get Into Golf would like to remind you to seek out our local golf instructors. Alta Sierra Country Club has a solid golf professional in Kacey Tyler (USGTF Master Instructor).

The Ridge Golf Course has Shawn Kelly (Class A, PGA Professional) and DarkHorse Golf Course has a qualified instructional staff led by Geno Ivaldi (Class A, PGA Professional).

Interesting that in the same way that no two swings are alike, no two instructors are alike. Each has their own life experience, their own golf experience, their own physical limitations or abilities.

Our goal is to bring you multiple perspectives on the game and the golf swing. For you, as an avid or beginning golfer, it is entertaining and important to have a working knowledge of the golf swing. Equally important is a mentor that can filter this new found knowledge.

Case in point; have you ever heard that you have to keep your left arm straight? What if I told you that many tour players do not? Have you ever heard that you have to keep your head still? What if I told you that many tour players do not?

Not that there isn’t an element of truth to these instructions. Yet for some, taking either of these to an extreme could be more harm then good. We all need an expert who will help us sort through ideas and filter the information.

Stay tuned for more tips from local instructors as we get to know them over the next few weeks. No two swings are alike and no two instructors are the same. Knowing this, our goal is to help you, as a unique individual, become the best player you can be.

John Renslow is a PGA Class A Professional and Instructor at Alta Sierra Country Club. Please contact John with your questions or comments at

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