PREP FOOTBALL: Q&A with Bear River’s Calder Kunde |

PREP FOOTBALL: Q&A with Bear River’s Calder Kunde

Brian Shepard
Special to The Union
As a junior, Calder Kunde showcased his many talents on both sides of the ball, playing multiple roles as the Bear River Bruins took home the Sac-Joaquin Section Division V championship in 2017. Now in his senior season, Kunde steps into a larger leadership role.
Photo by Brian O’Brien

With a special blend of speed and agility, Calder Kunde is the type of player who has the ability to break off a big play at any given time.

As a junior, Kunde showcased his many talents on both sides of the ball, playing multiple roles as the Bruins took home the Sac-Joaquin Section Division V championship in 2017. Now in his senior season, Kunde steps into a larger leadership role.

With the season kicking off today, The Union got to know Bear River’s talented quarterback, receiver, ball carrier, cornerback and kick returner a little better.

Shepard: Are you the full-time starting QB or is it a shared responsibility?

Kunde: It varies. We got a little young guy (Colton Jenkins) coming up from last year and we have Tre Maronic too. All three of us are equal in skill, very athletic. I feel like all three of us can basically play any position.

Shepard: What’s been your favorite part of Bear River football?

Kunde: Last year was pretty fun, moving back up here from Woodcreek it was way different. My sophomore year, that was like the first losing season Bear River had in like 26 years or whatever and that was my first year, so I was kind of iffy moving up here. From moving down there in the city area everyone is kind of getting theirs, like trying to get the scholarships and stuff, but up here it’s just more the team effort — everyone is in for one another. That’s what I missed about up here, everyone plays for each other and we get the job done. I lived up here and then my eighth grade year I move down to Roseville right after we went to the championship game when we were little, so I moved away and came back. Now our senior year is here and we’re all back together, so hopefully we can do the same thing.

Shepard: How long have you been playing football and what got you into the sport?

Kunde: This will be my 10th year playing football. I just like the aggressive side of it, like you got to come out here everyday and get your aggression out. You can actually like kind of hit people without getting in trouble so I like that. I’m able to do the same thing that everyone else loves with my friends so it’s fun.

Shepard: If you could go out to lunch with any pro athletes who is going and where are you going?

Kunde: I’d probably go with Aaron Rodgers for sure. I just like the way he carries himself. He’s a very humble person, goes to work and gets the job done, very good leader, but kind of a quiet leader. I gotta say Randy Moss. I like his swag that he brings. He knows he’s very good and he can back it up too. The way he can talk and back it up, that’s what I like about him. If they are paying, then I’m going to a five-star, wherever they can bring me, wherever they’ve been, five-star restaurant. Someone’s private jet over there to France to get me some French bread or something.

Shepard: Any brothers or sisters, and how have they influenced you?

Kunde: I have four little siblings, three little sisters and a little brother. Going into my sophomore year, moving back up here, I just had two little sisters (at that time), and little (Caroline) was like running around cheering me on and stuff. But now I have another little sister and a little brother. They will be running around and cheering me on so that’s always fun. You can always hear them from the sidelines with their little squeaky voices yelling for me. I just like to make them proud, be a good example to them and show it out on the field. Let them know their brother’s working hard, trying to do it for them kind of.

Shepard: With a smaller team how do you guys pick yourself up to stay motivated and keep putting the pieces together?

Kunde: I mean obviously we’re going to have a giant target on our back even though we got new teams coming in. They know we won the section last year, they know that we’re the team to beat. Everybody, whether they’ve got a bad record or a good record, they’re going to play their heart out against us. I feel like we are ready. To me I don’t think numbers really matter. You got 11 on the field at all times, they’ve got 11 on the field at all times. Really it’s heart and I feel like our team’s really got a lot of it. Like I said, we’ve all been playing since we were 12, 11 years old and even back then we were the smallest team in the league and we went to the championship. I just feel like heart has a lot more to do with it than a team size. We could have 11 players on a team I’ve still feel like we could win.

Shepard: Favorite memory with the coaches, a game time situation, practice situation, what did they say or do?

Kunde: Probably practice last year. The lineman and stuff were on the game field and all of the specialty players were on the practice field and coach Logue started yelling over at coach Savoie and we all know coach Savoie is hard of hearing. His hearing aids were off and he didn’t come over for another 10 minutes and coach Logue had some choice words with him. Coach Savoie just started laughing at him and making fun of him, so that was pretty funny. I think everyone have a good laugh from that.

Brian Shepard is a freelance sports writer who contributes to The Union regularly.

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