Pankration tournament comes to town |

Pankration tournament comes to town

Jay Perry recently made a trip to Southern California for a pankration tournament.

When he got there, he realized a bunch of the competitors were from Northern California.

“We went to L.A. and there were more than 257 competitors there,” Perry said. “It was crazy. Most were from NorCal, so I told them I’d become the pankration representative here.”

As a result, pankration is coming to Grass Valley at 11 a.m. Saturday at the Grass Valley Veteran’s building.

Pankration, according to Perry, is a relative of the Ultimate Fighting Championship that has become popular as of late. However, Perry says, pankration stems from an ancient Greek sport and isn’t as “brutal” as UFC.

“There are no head shots in this,” Perry said. “There are rules that must be followed. Also, it’s all amateurs. There are no professionals.

“But it’s full contact. The guys in this are tough.”

Perry is expecting teams from San Jose, Sonoma County, Carson City, Nev., and others as well as a couple individuals from Los Angeles to show for Saturday’s tourney. Perry said about 15 from Grass Valley are expected to show.

“There should be close to 50 or 60 fighters,” Perry said.


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What: Pankration tournament

When: 11 a.m. Saturday.

Where: Grass Valley Veteran’s Memorial Building.

What is pankration? According to, pankration was first introduced into the Olympic Games in 648 B.C. during the 33rd Olympiad, pankration was considered the ultimate combat sport of ancient Greece. Pankration was the martial training of the Greek armies and it became the accepted ancestor of the oriental martial arts.

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