One day, 100 miles |

One day, 100 miles

Talk about your horsepower.

Two hundred and fifty people are expected hop into the saddle for this weekend’s golden anniversary of the Tevis Cup, a 100-mile, one-day ride from Truckee to Auburn.

Many of those who will be at the start, won’t be at the finish. In recent years, not even 50 percent of the field have reached the final destination in time to earn a coveted finisher’s belt buckle.

But that’s what Julie Breuer wants and the Penn Valley resident, who grew up around equestrian endurance riding thanks to her parents’ – Dave and Terri Breuer – pursuit of the sport, will make her first start in the 50th running of the Tevis Cup.

“For first-timers, there’s only like a 19 percent chance of finishing, at least that’s been the case,” she said, adding that her anticipation of the event has caused her some anxiety. “I can’t sleep. I’m having nightmares where my crew doesn’t show up or I sleep over and miss the start.

“I’m sleep deprived already and I haven’t even got to the race yet.”

Competitors begin checking in at 10 a.m. this morning at Robie Park in Truckee. At 5:15 a.m. Saturday, they’re off. And to earn the completion buckle, they must reach Auburn’s McCann Stadium by 5:15 a.m. Sunday.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to do it,” said Breuer, who will make her start atop her half-arab gelding, Bailey. “It’s just now that I finally have a horse ready to do it.”

According to the Tevis Cup’s official Web site (, eight local riders – along with 16 others from Auburn or Colfax – were among the 250 on the rider’s list as of Thursday evening.

Among this year’s local riders, Grass Valley residents Vicki Testa and Frank Smith each have six Tevis Cup finishes. Kimberly McClain of Grass Valley rode Tenook’s Magic Wind to her first finish in 2003.

Penn Valley’s Chris Martin has completed three of the four Tevis Cup events he has entered, including one of the top finishes among local riders in 2003 by completing the trek in 19 hours, 25 minutes for 21st place. The top area finisher in last year’s event was Colfax’s Chuck Mather, who completed the course in 16:29 for sixth place. Last year’s overall winner, Heather Reynolds of Morgan Hill rode the 100 miles atop Master Motion in 16:23.

Martin, a retired Los Angeles area police officer who said he began riding horses about eight years ago, said a Top 10 finish looked to be in the cards last year, but the rider gave out before his mount.

“I’m an old man. I’m in my 60s,” he said. “My horse (Bo Stegicc) was feeling really good. After about 70 miles, I was running in 10th but then I fell back to 21st when I got off and walked.

“My horses are always in good condition. If there is any error, it’s the rider.”

Other local riders, not listed as previous finishers, include Beverly Altevers of Penn Valley, Bill Gore of Grass Valley and Ina Hutchings of Grass Valley.

“The Tevis has a mystique about it,” said Martin. “It’s a world class ride. People come from all over the world to ride it.

“It’s not a ride that you really want to set out with any particular goal, other than finish. I think just finishing this ride is a task in itself.”

Go Figure

The number of hours and minutes it took Boyd Zontellion to ride Rushcreek Hans over the 100 miles for a victory in 1981. It was the fastest completed course in the event’s history.

The number of hours and minutes it took Heather Reynolds, atop Master Motion, to win the Tevis Cup in 2003, the slowest recorded time for completing the course.

The youngest age of a Tevis Cup winner, achieved by Neil Hutton in 1964.

The number of people who have completed the Tevis Cup Ride 20 or more times, qualifying for the 2,000 Mile Buckle Award. They are: Roxanne Greene, Julie Suhr, Barbara White, John McCullough and Hal V. Hall.

The most Tevis Cup Rides completed by one rider, Colusa’s Barbara White, who will attempt to complete her 28th in the 50th annual event this weekend.




Of the 250 riders and mounts expected to start Saturday’s 50th Annual Tevis Cup Ride, the following are area residents:

Rider Hometown Horse

Mary Abbot Auburn Swede

Beverly Altevers Penn Valley Cheval

Terri Anderson Auburn Mo

Char E. Antuzzi Colfax Sir Galahad

Julie R. Breuer Penn Valley Bailey

Kim Dean Auburn Rudy

Bill Gore Grass Valley Nadjii

Darryl T. Grizey Auburn DC Gdansk Triton

Ina I. Hutchings Grass Valley Rebel Dancer

Greg Kimler Auburn Echo Valley Houston

Chris Martin Penn Valley Bo Stegicc

Chuck Mather Colfax Dance on Hallani

Kimberly McClain Grass Valley Tenook’s Magic Wind

Karen F. Oliver Auburn Annisah

Kathie Perry Auburn Inkhogneto

Dale Peterson Auburn Rambo Bay

Frank Smith Grass Valley Batman

Becky Spencer Auburn Oritos Sonny

Vicki Testa Grass Valley SE Alees Aly

Sonya L. Wood Auburn Coco

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