Moving right along |

Moving right along

Editor’s note: Each week, The Union tracks the progress of Lake Wildwood resident Vince Mutascio’s golf game as he works with Steve Madden, certified trainer and owner of Performance Sports Golf. This is the third in a six-part series.

Well we are half way through our six week project and I am really pleased about the progress Vince is making. Retraining the body for new movement and muscle memory, especially for something as complicated as the golf swing, is a big challenge.

To his credit, Vince has worked really hard and is keeping everything in the proper perspective.

When we met last, I wanted to see how he was doing with the new exercises and that he was getting familiar with and the new movements and workout routine. I had given him some fairly specific movements and drills to do the incorporated light resistance into swing movements and exercises to help increase the range of motion in his hips.

I also checked that he was recruiting the correct muscles for each exercise and that the form and technique was correct. One exercise, a “cross-over, side-step drill” on the motorized treadmill is especially difficult. It will increase the ROM in his hips and improve the balance and stability of his lower body, when his upper body is swinging the club.

I also checked his new posture to see how it was taking hold along with some advice on his grip. Since my goal is to help him change his physical ability to swing the club I can’t see letting something like an incorrect grip holding him back. I gave him a grip/re-grip drill to help retrain his hands and eyes and advised him to talk to his teacher at Lake Wildwood next week when he has his next lesson. Changing his grip will take some time, but it is much needed.

Vince now has a completely new workout routine with a lot of new movements and exercises. To his credit he is determined and dedicated to making positive changes in his game and has jumped in feet first.

Week #1 Findings and Goals

The main thing to report is that Vince is getting familiar and competent with the new exercises and can look forward to seeing and feeling changes in his body as the process continues and he stays with the practice to make changes in his swing. I think he has enough to work with for the next couple of sessions and I will be looking for evidence of a comfortable stance and good tempo. So far, it looks like we are headed in the right direction.

I am anxious to see what his teacher says about the increasing ability to swing the golf club benefit from the input of his golf lessons. Vince will be working on the following until I see him next. Actually, he will be working on all this stuff, like the rest of us, as long as he continues to play.

1. Continue training the improved posture and balanced stance

2. Repetition drills to retrain the hands and eyes for a grip change.

3. Continued dynamic motion exercises to increase hip turn with coordination and balance

4. Continue swing drills with progressive resistance to build muscle memory

5. General conditioning, range practice and 2-3 rounds a week.

Steve Madden

Performance Sports Golf

“Changing the game, one player at a time”

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