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Mixed bag for Mutascio in Week 3

This week’s round was filled with challenges, but had some good points as well.

Generally, I was stroking the ball pretty well off the tee and fairway. The balls mostly went straight – with little fade and no hook or slice. Steve Madden’s exercise program must be working for me. However, my aim wasn’t always right on as I hit into bunkers four times.

The good news was that I was able to pop the ball out three of four times on the first try.

I tried a new putting grip on the front nine, something I picked up from a golf magazine. Apparently not a good idea – as it gave me trouble and I had to go back to the old grip on the back nine.

Lastly, I kept some extra statistics so I could better analyze the highs and lows of this particular round.

My shot definitions are as follows:

— “Fairway” means the ball stayed on the fairway (short grass).

— “Rough” means the ball is still playable but in the tall grass or rough.

Added together, I can tell how many strokes it took to get to the green.

“Look-ups” still sneak up on me. This means I momentarily took my eye off the ball and ended up topping it, which always costs me an extra stroke.

I had no penalty shots or lost balls this round. Getting out of sand traps or bunkers is always a good thing.

Putts are putts.

Trying the new grip cost me a few extra strokes before I dropped it. For next week, I vow no more “look-ups” and I won’t be reading any more golf magazines.

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