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Lombardi Racing scores double in junior division

They rolled off the horizon 1-2.

Seventeen-year-old cyclists Eric Riggs and Adam Switters shared more than just the same age, the same colors or that same last 500 yards of the Ron Miller Junior Grand Prix at Sunday’s 44th annual Nevada City Classic.

They share the same reason for racing:

To win.

And that’s why the fact that there was no sprint to the finish, seems so odd from the Lombardi Racing teammates. Instead, the two paraded the final dozen bike lengths with hands held high, celebrating what they had expected all along:

A team victory.

Not only did Sacramento’s Riggs and Folsom’s Switters take first and second place, respectively, in style. They also waited at the bottom of Broad Street to offer congratulations to the third place finisher Daniel Holloway Ð who, oh by the way, is a member of, ahem, Team Lombardi.

Let’s see, what’s the right word? Oh, yes:

Dom-in-ate (dom-I-nayt) v.:

“We decided who would win before we started,” said Switters.

As confident as they come, Team Lombardi’s Juniors rolled up to the start/finish line without a doubt in their minds. Riggs would win Ð but he’d owe Holloway and Switters a win sometime in the near future.

“This race means a lot for me, because last year I almost got it,” said Riggs, who finished fifth in 2003. “So they said ‘OK, you win this, but you know you’re going to work for us in other races.”

A trio of local juniors also were circling the course Sunday, including Nevada Union High School’s Matt Wittler who finished 12th. NU students Sara Violett and Sarah Ely finished one-two in the Junior women standings.

Worth the work

No, neither Grass Valley dentist Paul Falvey nor same-town physical therapist John Seivert wrapped up their first run at the Nevada City course standing among the top finishers of the Masters race.

But the smile on Seivert’s face was wide enough to lead onlookers to believe he was the one who stood atop the podium for a prize.

“I finished!” he said, surprisingly seeming somewhat amazed (the man has completed eight Ironman triathlons Ð including the Hawaii version: 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, 26-mile MARATHON!) But, he said, the 1.1-mile Classic is the most punishing physical challenge he’s faced.

“It’s apples and oranges, but I’d never push myself this hard in a triathlon.. You have to experience this.You’re going at the maximum heart rate for 50 minutes straight. In its own way it is tougher.

“This, though, ” Seivert said, pointing to the Pro 1-2 cyclists speeding down Broad Street. “This is all worth it.”

Descending to the start/finish line first in the Masters 35-and-over race was Jeff Angerman. Michael Hutchison came in second, while Gavin Chilcott was third.

In the 45-and-over division, Brian McGuire finished first, Mark Caldwell second and Roger Marquis third.

In the Senior Category 3 men’s race, Dave Brachett was the overall winner, while Rob Evans took second place and Christian Kearney took third.

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