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Kathleen Casci: Nomination for best Nevada Union offensive lineman

Editor’s note: As part of the Nevada Union Football Boosters’ annual silent auction and dinner Saturday at the Veteran’s Hall in Grass Valley, NU football is seeking to select an all-time best team, position by position, and greatest moments in Miner history.

I wanted to nominate for best offensive lineman: Kyle Casci – #75-Class of 2004.

With that I wanted to say that he began the Junior Miner program in the 7th grade, he had a severe hip injury and had healed enough to play football, he was very happy. He made the team, in spite of his pain and stuck with it. He practiced every day during his 8th grade year and was never able to make weight for the Midgets, however he went the whole time practicing and waiting for his freshman year.

Once he got to high school he was on a very large freshman team and was only able to play fourth quarter, that did not stop him, he kept playing. He had perfect attendance for the summer and the season.

Upon moving to J.V. He was the Center, a perfect fit for Kyle. He was very happy and worked very hard. Again, he had perfect attendance for the summer and the season.

When Kyle moved to varsity as a junior, he did not get as much playing time, he was the backup center. He kept working and loved football.

Now, senior year, Kyle is the Center, the unsung lineman, loved his job, did it well, many touchdowns went into the end zone off of his backside. He had many blocks where there were two opposing players pushing against him. He says he only has one fumble in four years, that was during the mud bowl with Grant, senior year. Kyle was very strong. Kyle continued to push through the pain of his hip injury, never running the fastest during training, never finishing first, but still inspiring many with what he had accomplished.

Funny, every day at our house, he would tell his sister Ashtyn (Freshman cheerleader at that time) that she could only have a ride to school with him at 6:30 a.m. if she warmed his cloths in the dryer and made him is hot chocolate. She did, every single day and off they went to NU.

After football was over, Kyle and Sean Jackson were able to use their weight lifting training to help save a life. An unfortunate accident happened that winter on Banner Mountain, Kyle and Sean happened to be there. It took two times of trying, but they were able to lift a full size Ford Bronco off of a young man that had been pinned under the roll bar and engine. The vehicle was upside down. If they would not have been strong “football players” I don’t think they would have been able to save the young man. This was a blessing for them to be there. The young man was badly injured however he did recover.

Kyle’s grandfather, Donald Brown Sr. was so very proud when the whole team was awarded the Jim Brown, MVP award that season, Kyle spoke on the microphone, saying – This was the best four years of my life, and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. The award had never touched our family before, and forever will be a special memory.

Kyle is and has remained that “Center” even though he has been out of school since 2004. When I was fighting Cancer two years ago, he was my locker room, coach. On a weekly basis he would say to me, during chemo (you feel awful), “Mom, you have to pull yourself together and push through this and in the end you will realize what a strong person you are.” That I am convinced is the “football” influence, he is a really amazing person, of course I am biased, but we are all so proud of his football achievements and watching him play was so inspirational to many.

Thank you for your consideration of Kyle Casci for Best Offensive Lineman.

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