John Renslow: Father’s Day gift ideas for golfers |

John Renslow: Father’s Day gift ideas for golfers

There are still eight shopping days left before Father’s Day. Just enough time to find the perfect gift for the avid golfer in your life. Or, if someone near you needs a not-so-subtle hint, there is still time to place this column in front of an unsuspecting potential gift giver. Because today we will go through a helpful list of items for the golfing dad.

Of course, golf and fathers go together like peas and carrots. In fact, the final round of our country’s national golf championship (the United States Open) is always played on the third Sunday in June.

When shopping for dad, there are a few things to consider. Does my dad like gadgets? If your dad is not into details and has a junk drawer full of miscellaneous widgets, we don’t want to get him something that will make its way to the drawer.

Does my dad take the game seriously or is it primarily recreational? The dad who will practice between rounds is serious. Think about an equipment purchase. Is he into electronics? There are a lot of apps and affordable technology that will bring a smile to his face.

For the recreational dad, the pool of fun stuff is deep and wide. Or, if we just don’t know, go with a practical gift that any dad will continue to use throughout the year.

So, what do you buy for the patriarchal golfer in your life? Get Into Golf is here to help.

Let’s start off with a few choices for any budget and we will graduate (which makes me think, these gifts will work for grads too) to some of the higher end stuff for the father who has everything.

Gifts under $15

Tees – This may seem small, but everybody needs them and you can get a variety of colors or sizes for every personality. Classic white or natural wood stained tees work well for the traditional golfer, eco-friendly tees (made from a corn byproduct) for the green on the greens, or you might try some psychedelic, tie-dyed tees for the Jerry Garcia fans. Find them at

Pocket Towels – Of course, golf equipment makes contact with dirt on a regular basis. Many golfers will place a towel on their golf bag and that is a reasonable solution, but the pocket towel travels with you. Tidy enough to nestle in your pocket, the towel is still large enough to handle problematic soil. Find them at your local pro shop or

Gifts under $30

The Golf Ball Bottle Opener – It’s a golf ball with a wedge cut out. Inserted into the wedge is a bottle opener. This is fun and practical. Find them on for $19.95.

Golf Hat – You can never have too many T-shirts or too many golf/baseball hats. Collecting hats from different golf courses is also a popular ‘hobby.’ Or, you may decide to go with the one that says “World’s Greatest Dad” on the front. Check out the hats at nearby golf courses or visit for some Dad related caps.

Golf Inspired T-shirts – “May the Course Be With You” T-shirt. Or, maybe “Best Dad By Par.” What makes this work? It’s like a dad joke! Made by HGO Golf Shirt Co. you can find them on Amazon.

Gifts under $100

Range Finder – It was interesting to me that when Phil, Tiger, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning played ‘The Match’ awhile back, the entire group was using so-called range finders. They can afford anything they want, but no hand-held GPS or phone apps. The price range for these devices is broad, but you can get dad a new Profey Golf Range Finder for $99.95 at

Golf Balls – OK, this might take a little bit of work on your part. On balance, the player and his golf ball are quite good friends. However, some fathers don’t have an allegiance to a specific type of ball. Do this — sneak out into the garage or the trunk of his car. Unzip the pocket and peer within. If the golf balls are all of the same brand and type, it is easy. Get more of the same. If you find veritable smorgasbord of golf balls, you can’t go wrong. Just pick one.

Golf balls will always be a welcome arrival.

A nice touch would be a custom, personalized golf ball. A broker for the major ball manufacturers makes this a one-stop shop at

If you shop now, most things could arrive on time from online sources and, of course, please support your local golf professionals. Have fun shopping!

John Renslow is a PGA professional, VP of Yugi Golf Management, and provides golf instruction at local courses

John Renslow


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