It’s time for football |

It’s time for football

Put away the gloves and bats. When it comes to a Field of Dreams in western Nevada County, think high school football.

Don’t let the “B” word cross your lips or enter your mind.

Think football and think it now, starting tonight.

This is where past dreams will be put to the test and the foundation for many a nostalgic story in years to come will be built.

Four non-league games. Six conference games. And if all goes according to plan, entry into the post-season, the single elimination high wire also known as the playoffs.

Welcome to the show, not the only game in town, but on Friday nights during the fall season in Nevada County, high school football comes as close as it gets.

Want to see a movie? Well, Oscar season should be heating up soon. So go see a flick on Tuesday or Sunday, six other days of the week to escape the grind in a darkened theater.

But save your Friday night theater this fall for Nevada Union or Bear River football.

Want to go to dinner? Varsity game are scheduled to start at 7:30. Put the emphasis on scheduled. With junior varsity games preceding the varsity clashes, the 7:30 starting time is not something to set an alarm clock by. In fact, an early Friday night dinner should work out just fine.

But save football for dessert.

One does not need to sell high school football to the faithful. They already get it. For others, football suits them just fine, so long as their child is part of the team, the band, the cheerleading squad. The important thing is that they do go, do attend.

But for others, football is the neon sign of the county flashing brightly for so long they hardly pay it mind. They know it is there, know the grip it has on many, but is never something they themselves ever get around to attending.

Surely you know these folk, those who talk about going to a game, perhaps even asking a question or two about this year’s squad, but they never make it out the door.

Perhaps they’ll even read about the games here in the paper, assuming that we scribes can sum up not only the game, but the experience that is high school football in 400 words.

While we reporters do our best to capture the games, the only way to fully appreciate the time put in by all involved is to show up and support the football programs.

Movies once missed can be seen on tape and appreciated fairly well.

But a football game? When was the last time you saw a videotaped wedding and thought it was as good as being there?

Vince Vosti is a sportswriter for The Union. He can be reached at 477-4267.

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