It should be all about fun |

It should be all about fun

It’s done. It’s over. The winners jumped up and down and the losers cried.

There’s something wrong with our fascination with the Little League World Series.

These are just young kids, and now they’ve been introduced to the exciting world of big-time sports. That seems OK on the surface, but in the last several years it has meant an introduction to scandal and poor sportsmanship.

These kids should be playing at local parks and having fun, not spending time mugging on television.

Somewhere along the line, the Little League World Series lost its innocence and started to be a money proposition. But, it’s not the kids that are benefitting.

The only benefits seen now are those reaped by the Series itself and the networks televising it.

What are the kids getting?

Well, they do get a pretty neat trip out of the deal. And they get to experience the thrill of victory and, for most, the agony of defeat. Fair enough.

The dark side no one ever talks about is that many are also getting a quick ride to obscurity.

Trying to play at the high level of the Series, they are burning their young bodies out. Kids this young shouldn’t be throwing as hard as they need to to win. They also shouldn’t be throwing curves this early in life.

Many of the players in the Series will be washed up by the time they hit college.

That’s a tragedy.

Maybe Little League should stay at the local fields and allow the kids to just have fun. That’s what it should be about.

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