IN THE WAKE OF THE WEEK: Preseason football; Ronaldo’s bad behavior |

IN THE WAKE OF THE WEEK: Preseason football; Ronaldo’s bad behavior

WEEK ONE RESULTS: The 49ers win as the Raiders lose. In reality, Pre-season Week 1 games are fairly insignificant. First string players get little time. It is dominated by second and third stringers. The 49ers lose the first string game but do well against second and third. They come back and win. The Raiders look rusty. They need more fine-tuning. However, remember that little can be gathered yet. The final two pre-season tilts will give us a hint as to the promise of the regular campaign.

MARSHAWN LYNCH SITS: Figuratively and literally. He does not participate in one play, but makes news as he sits on a Gatorade ice chest during the National Anthem. Jack Del Rio has the fortitude to tell him he would like him to stand. However, he will allow Lynch to participate in his unique form of protest. Lynch claims it is just a part of his regular routine. However, we will see if he learns from the travails of Colin Kaepernick.

FLORIDA SUSPENDS 7: Head Coach Jim McElwain proclaims, “We have a small group of players that have made some choices that are extremely disappointing.” They will not be active for the upcoming game vs. Michigan. It seems they used school-issued, cost-of-attendance credit cards from the bookstore and then sold the goods for cash. Is the penalty stern enough? How do these players learn valuable lessons? Another case of bad decision-making.

POOR BEHAVIOR: Real Madrid’s superstar Cristiano Ronaldo earns a five-game suspension on Sunday for taking his shirt off during a goal celebration and then subsequently pushing the referee for producing a red card after a dive (nothing new for soccer). He throws his hands in the air and then chases down the official before shoving him in the back. For some reason, the club says it will appeal the punishment handed down by the Spanish Football Federation.

DURANT SPEAKS AGAIN: “All of the best players on a few teams is what this league is all about,” says Warriors Kevin Durant. Many maintain he is a selfless player for giving up $10 million to enable his team to sign other key players. Regardless, he seems to insist that if one can sign for an elite team to make it better, it is merely a part of the NBA landscape. In any case, the upcoming season appears brilliant if you are a fan of the Warriors.

RAINING TEARDROPS: It is an unusual series last weekend with the Washington Nationals. The visiting Giants suffer a rainout on Friday, a delay on Saturday in which the game starts at 10:15 eastern time. It is a day/night double header on Sunday. They lose two-of-three. Game three is punctuated by a Nats grand slam in the bottom of the 11th. They get into Miami for Monday’s game at 5 a.m. and also lose two-out-of-three. It all seems a part of this dismal campaign.

CAIN’S DILEMA: It was not too awfully long ago when Matt Cain orchestrated a perfect game. Yes, he was in his prime. Now, he seems like he is in the twilight of a once-brilliant career. On Wednesday afternoon, he struggled through four innings, giving up five runs. Only two of them were earned. It was all in vain as the Giants lost 8-1 to the Miami Marlins. Although he certainly had his days in the sun, you have to feel bad about how it is all ending. A frustrating season for a guy who helped maneuver the Giants through three World Series triumphs.

DRUG REPORT COMES BACK: Tiger Woods had five different drugs in his system when arrested in Florida. One was hydrocodone and another was THC, the active agreement in marijuana. He will enter a drug diversion program, but insists he is getting himself ready to resume golf. Allegedly, his back has steadily improved. According to Tiger, so has his game. We will see if a re-emergence is on the horizon.

NBA COMING SOON: The 2017-18 schedule has been released. The Warriors are included in four of the Top 10 games to watch according to Yahoo! Sports. The No. 1 choice is Christmas Day in Oakland vs. The Cleveland Cavaliers. For Nevada County residents, many Warriors games will be telecast. The others on NBC Bay Area will be blacked out as the NBA protects the Kings. It looks like a solid schedule for both area teams. As the Kings look to stake their claim, the Warriors embark on another potential championship run. Some great games ahead. Hard to wait.

FINAL THOUGHT: Yes, the L.A. Rams win this week vs. the Dallas Cowboys. Meaningless game. However, their six fumbles are worrisome.

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