IN THE WAKE OF THE WEEK: Mostert runs over Packers; Kings underperform |

IN THE WAKE OF THE WEEK: Mostert runs over Packers; Kings underperform

Jim Adams
Sports Columnist

49ERS: Raheem Mostert runs San Francisco to the Super Bowl! He was over 100 yards with 4:51 left before halftime and ended up with 220 yards (a team record) as the 49ers bore a hole through the Green Bay Packers defense. Kyle Shanahan got this game plan right. Jimmy Garoppolo threw only eight times and it worked out in Santa Clara. Written off as inconsequential in the preseason, it is a 37-20 win that vaults the team to football’s big event.

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS: It is familiar script for the Chiefs. The Tennessee Titans surge to a 17-7 lead in the second quarter before Kansas City took over the game. In route to a 35-24 win, the Chiefs had outgained the Titans in the second half 349 yards to 39 with 6:00 left in the fourth quarter. Kansas City wears down teams on both sides of the ball and they will pose a strong threat to the 49ers.

KINGS: Sacramento has grossly underperformed…again. Analyst Doug Christie noted, “They play down to the level of their opponent. The sense of urgency is just not there.” They are on a 6-game losing streak after the 127-106 loss to the Detroit Pistons who boasted a 5-13 mark over their last 18 games. They were doomed by poor shooting from both the field and the free throw line in this contest.

SHARKS: With 32 games to go, San Jose is a long shot for the playoffs. They are in the middle of a nine-day break after scoring but one-goal in their last two losses. Through two periods vs. Vancouver, they were being outshot 25-7. They are on a three-game losing streak in a stretch where the goaltending, offense and defense have all been suspect.

ANTONIO BROWN: The much-maligned former NFL wide receiver is in trouble yet again. This time it is battery after he took on a moving company and its drivers who were attempting to deliver his goods from California to Hollywood, Florida. He owed $4,000 and was refusing to pay. He has turned himself into authorities and will once again face the consequences of his actions.

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