IN THE WAKE OF THE WEEK: Kings turning heads; Cousins nears return |

IN THE WAKE OF THE WEEK: Kings turning heads; Cousins nears return

KINGS CONTINUE INSPIRED PLAY: Going into Friday’s game vs. Golden State, the Sacramento Kings are 5-1 for December. It used to be a mini-vacation coming to Sacramento. The franchise is inspiring. They are in the hunt at 15-12, holding down the eighth spot. Playing good ball and No. 1 in 3-point percentage.

COUSINS GETTING CLOSE: Demarcus Cousins is now shuttled between Oakland and Santa Cruz where the Warriors G-League Team is located. Give it 2-3 weeks and he will make his debut. After the Toronto debacle, he is much needed.

49ERS WIN!: George Kittle with an unbelievable reception day, setting franchise records. Nick Mullens adeptly moving the ball. Yes, the first half was as good as the second half was bad. However, it is a 20-14 win to shock Denver. Two fourth-down stops were the key.

NICK MULLENS FUTURE: 49ers quarterback Nick Mullens has had a respectable season filling in. The question arises as to whether he will move on to another team to start or stay with San Francisco as the back-up. Say goodbye unless the 49ers work out something special.

RAIDERS RELEVANT?: OK, they won on Sunday afternoon. Good for them. However, they are merely waiting to see what they harvest from the draft deals for traded players who could have made a difference. Jon Gruden is a major disappointment. Mark Davis will probably promote him. The Black Hole needs to revolt.

OAKLAND LOST: The city’s lawsuit filing against the Raiders is yet another senseless move. Oakland had their chance and blew it. They were little leaguers in a big league game. They allowed the Raiders to slip away to Las Vegas. Now they feel jilted? Get real. Where will the lost Mark Davis play next season?

REGGIE McKENZIE FIRED: It is another bungled move by Jon Gruden, Mark Davis and company. Former General Manager Reggie McKenzie is given his walking papers after the win vs. the Steelers. Can you really blame him for Khalil Mack or Amari Cooper? I doubt it. A larger role for Gruden now, as if he has not miserably failed that which he currently controls.

WATCH WHAT YOU DRINK AT COLISEUM: An Oakland Coliseum janitor announces from the press box, “There are two dead mice in the soda machine.” Perhaps having to watch the Raiders was just too much for the rodents. If you want a drink at a Raiders game, know you may also get some protein.

OUT OF TOUCH IN CHICAGO: Bulls Coach Jim Boylen just does not get it. He falls behind 5-3 and subs for all first stringers. Two-hour meetings with players on more than one occasion. A 133-77 loss to the Celtics in which Bulls players give up. Grinding practices. His punishment and conduct will not fly. Thus, complaints to the NBA Players Association.

CURRY IN LUNAR ORBIT: Steph Curry announces this week that he does not believe we ever landed on the moon. A big hoax? All created several times over for PR consumption? He needs to buy the first ticket for lunar exploration. Then he can forever proclaim that he was the first person to explore the moon.

OFFICIATING: Which is worse, the NBA or the NFL? So many missed and inaccurate calls. Is it at an all-time low? One cannot watch a game without witnessing a travesty. Pass interference? Roughing the quarterback? Personal fouls? Technicals? Is there a way to have referees play a minor, instead of major, role on outcomes?

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