IN THE WAKE OF THE WEEK: Kings remove cancer; Lakers shake it up |

IN THE WAKE OF THE WEEK: Kings remove cancer; Lakers shake it up

COUSINS GIVEN FLIGHT: Kings broadcast guru Grant Napear proclaims that the “black cloud” has been removed. DeMarcus Cousins is finally liberated to New Orleans in his quest to ruin another franchise. It is 6 years of disgraceful, immature, and embarrassing behavior. Will he continue to berate teammates, ownership, management, coaches and media in The Big Easy? Cousins has been a mess in Sacramento. Even if the Kings got little for him, it is rewarding for the cancer to be removed.

WEST BEATS EAST IN ANNUAL ALL-STAR CLASH: Anthony Davis logs more than 31 minutes in game time while scoring 52 points. Steph Curry and Kevin Durant both net 21. Yes, the game is void of defense with a lot of wild 3’s. Entertaining and dizzying, the West has 97 points at halftime. Top East scorer is Giannis Antetokounmpo with 30. New Orleans proves to be a great host in the annual classic.

CARMELO ANTHONY AND THE NY CIRCUS AT THE BREAK: Anthony is summoned to New Orleans for the NBA All-Star Game. He states, he “would love to take this break.” It is a lost and chaotic season in New York at Madison Square Garden. However, he gets the call to appear. He adds, “Honestly, it was like a downer, because I had to cancel my trip.” He is scheduled to go to Cuba and Puerto Rico with his family. With a respite badly-needed, he instead honors his league obligation.

BIG SHAKE-UP IN LA: The Lakers dismiss Jim Buss (Director of Basketball Operations) and Mitch Kupchak (General Manager) and bring in Magic Johnson to fill the void. As a top executive, Johnson is a novice serving a team that may be destined for its worst year. New GM Rich Pelinka and Ryan West (Assistant GM) may provide valuable guidance. However, Johnson will be hard-pressed with his overwhelming lack of experience. A lot of chaos in L.A., but management dysfunctionality is nothing new to the NBA. Just look at Sacramento and New York.

FINALLY, BACK TO WORK!: Ho-Hum. Another contest between the Warriors and Clippers. Golden State toys with L.A. before bringing the hammer down. A 12 point halftime deficit by the Warriors is answered with a 50 point third quarter. It is 10 straight wins over the Clips, many by large margins. Sixty points combined from Kevin Durant and Steph Curry include a team shooting percentage of 53.8 and 13-of-26 on 3-pointers. This one goes down as a 123-113 Warriors win.

GIANTS MATCH UP WELL IN WEST: Positive starting pitching and an improved bullpen may be cornerstones for another MLB West run. Buster Posey remains the face of the franchise. Question marks are first base with Brandon Belt, left field with Jarrett Parker and Mac Williamson, and Matt Cain as the wild card at pitching. However, even though it is an odd year, they may not match the Dodgers but will battle a much improved Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks for the Wild Card spot. Opening Day is not far away!

DAVE SHRADER FIGHTS CANCER: No, he is not a household name. However, Dave Shrader is the television voice of the NHL’s Dallas Stars. He has missed the entire season with bile duct cancer…until now. On Saturday, he worked his first tilt, a Stars victory in OT. He remarks, “For 4 hours I didn’t feel sick at all.” The defining moment came when Jamie Benn scores the game-winning goal with 1:13 remaining in OT. He gathers all the players on the ice, turns towards the broadcast booth, and, as a team, they all salute Shrader. It is a truly remarkable moment.

AN UNUSUAL DEATH: He is known as George “The Animal” Steele. For those who debate whether professional wrestling is sport or entertainment, Steele was the consummate entertainer. He played the role of a moronic but truly loveable human-being. Born Williams James Myers of Detroit, he dies at age 79 of kidney failure. He was a huge WWE star of the 80’s. RIP George.

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