GET INTO GOLF: Rainy day options for the restless golfer |

GET INTO GOLF: Rainy day options for the restless golfer

We’ve seen the sun a few days this year, yet the rain just keeps coming.

Yes, we know that it’s good long-term, but we sometimes feel like the kids in The Cat in the Hat.

“The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house. All that cold, cold, wet day,” wrote Dr. Seuss.

Before we send in Thing 1 and Thing 2, let’s look at a number of options to get your golf fix in. A few might be obvious. We’ll provide some ideas so you don’t pass them by.

Although they are sequenced, they are in no particular order.

No. 1: Watch golf on TV. Granted this is primarily a Thursday – Sunday event, Golf Channel and the major networks have all three U.S. tours, as well as the European Tour replayed early in the week also.

By the way, probably not the best thing to watch the instructional shows, might just make you a bit more itchy to get outside.

No. 2: Get in some golf movies. Golf Channel plays some quality movies including Seve the Movie and Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius. Netflix and Amazon Prime have a number of movies available to subscribers, such as, Legend of Bagger Vance, Tommy’s Honor, and Little Looper.

No. 3: Now you’re starting to the itch. It’s time to play an animated version of golf on your game console. Xbox, Play Station or the Nintendo Switch are all fabulous ways to at least give you a taste. Call a friend or two and grab some snacks to go with your favorite beverage. Who knows, after a little practice it might be time for a wager.

If you really need to get out of the house, here are a couple of solid choices.

No. 4: Head on down to Golf Galaxy in Roseville and check out all of the equipment. Granted, if you plan on a purchase, your best deal is probably with your local shop, but you can beat the selection of a national chain.

No. 5: Top Golf. If you have never been to Top Golf in the Rocklin/Roseville area, this is a good time to make the trip. It is a three level driving range that is so much more than a driving range. First off, a sports bar environment is complemented with really good food. You can even order from the spot you’re hitting balls.

Rather than the traditional, individual mats, Top Golf is laid out in bays. Charging by time and not by the quantity of range balls, you essentially rent the bay which allows you and/or a few friends to hit balls. The bay has only one hitting area, rotating golfers when desirable. Those who are not playing can hang out in comfortable sofas or chairs while taking a look at their extensive food and beverage menu.

Another attraction is the technology. Each ball has it’s own microchip. After the ball is hit, the unit in your bay will provide detailed information on accuracy and distance. Competitive and fun games are available either individually (against a score) or within the group.

The best part is…its covered. Heaters are used in the winter and fans are used in the summer. There may be days it is too cold, but a moderate rain won’t stop you.

So, a little rain shouldn’t stop us from getting our fix in. It may not be completely satisfying, however, it may just help improve your game before we can get back out there.

John Renslow is a PGA Professional, VP of Yugi Golf Management, and provides golf instruction at local courses.

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