BOXING: Local fighter Brian Scott wins title belt in Las Vegas |

BOXING: Local fighter Brian Scott wins title belt in Las Vegas

It had been about 10 years since Brian Scott put on gloves for an officially sanctioned boxing match.

The towering pugilist showed no ill effects from the long lay off as the 35-year-old Nevada County resident claimed the title belt in his division with an impressive showing at the Las Vegas Masters Invitational Tournament held over the weekend.

“It kind of feels like a dream come true,” said Scott, who owns and operates T-5 Boxing in Grass Valley. “Hard work pays off. If you dedicate yourself to something and you really set yourself to it, you can accomplish your goals.”

Competing in the men’s 35-45, heavyweight (201-plus pounds) division at the Durango Hills Community Center in Las Vegas, Scott powered to victory in Sunday’s title bout with a second round technical knockout of Sacramento’s Troy Goings.

“I knew (Goings) was hesitant from the first round,” Scott recalled. “He was hesitant, standing back, he wasn’t being too aggressive and he kept putting his head down, and he kept coming forward with his head down. That’s something that you train for — come up with that upper cut, left hook — and that’s what I caught him with. I hit him with that right and it really staggered him and got him with the left.”

Scott, who measures in at 6-foot, 4-inches, 233-pounds, dominated the fight from start to finish, landing big blows in the first round before sending Goings to the mat and earning the TKO in the second round.

On Saturday, Scott defeated Derric Lockenbill, out of McKinney, Texas, by decision to advance to the championship bout.

Scott was joined at Tournament by another local boxer in Ken Bigham, who acted as Scott’s cornerman in addition to competing. Bigham, 70, was the oldest competitor at the tournament.

The event was sponsored by Title Fight and sanctioned by USA Boxing Nevada.

Scott, who trained for only three months prior to the event, said he was happy to be competing in the ring once again.

“In my 20s I wasn’t able get it out of my system,” he said. “Then when I was going to do it again, Rocci (Twitchell) passed away. So, now it’s just me coming back again, just getting it out of the closet.”

Twitchell, who passed away in 2014, was a mentor and boxing coach of Scott’s when he was younger.

“I want to thank God, first and foremost. All glory goes to God. And, Rocci Sr. for planting that seed and the (Twitchell) boys for allowing me to take over the gym,” said Scott.

Scott plans to continue competing with his sights set on winning another title belt in September at the Dreamland Masters World Championships in San Jose.

“You’re never too old to follow your dreams,” Scott said. “Don’t ever let someone tell you you can’t, just because they can’t.”

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