BEAT THE EXPERTS: Another season in the books |

BEAT THE EXPERTS: Another season in the books

Walter Ford
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Beat the Experts

Week 10 results

1. Bear River beat Center, 28-13

2. Stanford beat Oregon State, 48-17

3. California beat USC, 15-14

4. Georgia beat Auburn, 27-10

5. Oklahoma beat Oklahoma State, 48-47

6. Chargers beat Raiders, 20-6

7. Bills beat Jets, 41-10

8. Colts beat Jaguars, 29-16

9. Saints beat Bengals, 51-14

10. Packers beat Dolphins, 31-12

11. Browns beat Falcons, 28-16

12. Rams beat Seahawks, 36-31

13. Cowboys beat Eagles, 27-20

Tiebreaker: Combined score of Cowboys/Eagles game: 47

Week 10 winner: B.W. McNulty 10-3, tiebreaker 50

Experts record: 8-5, tiebreaker 45

The final week of The Union’s 2018 Beat the Experts Pick ’em contest was a wacky one with several close games and unpredictable finishes.

Self-proclaimed “Experts” Brian O’Brien and myself limped to the finish line with an 8-5 overall record in Week 10. O’Brien went 3-4 in the final week (thanks to me giving him all the “50-50” games) and finishes the season 43-22 overall to land one game behind me in the head-to-head battle between “Experts.” I finished the season with a record of 44-21. As a duo we closed the 10-week season with a combined overall record of 87-43.

The final weekly prize goes to longtime contestant B.W. McNulty, who went 10-3 with a tiebreaker of 50.

McNulty, along with the rest of the weekly winners, as well as those who simply “beat the experts” on any given week, will be entered into the grand prize drawing.

Now that all the picking is complete its time to raffle off the grand prize, a 55-inch 4K Ultra High Definition TV valued at $1,199, provided by Beam “Easy Living” Center.

The raffle will take place at Beam “Easy Living” Center located at 422 Henderson St. in Grass Valley on Nov. 27.

I will personally be calling and/or emailing all the winners about the drawing in the next week to inform those who will be entered. Remember, if you beat the experts on any given week, you are entered in the drawing.

I sincerely want to thank everyone who participated this year and wish you all luck at the drawing.

ON A somber NOTE

There are many things I enjoy about hosting the Beat the Experts game.

Hearing the pride in a contestants voice when I tell them they won the week is great. Seeing the expression on a player’s face when they win the big TV at the end of the year is one of my favorites. When a former teacher of mine (if you didn’t already know, I grew up here) enters and I get to grade their paper, it’s a sweet role reversal. And, being considered an expert (albeit self proclaimed) is a nice ego boost. All are bonuses for me.

But my favorite aspect of Beat the Experts is getting to engage with the many wonderful people who play from week to week. Some are avid players, some first timers and almost all are gracious winners. Most folks I speak with thank me for hosting the game, some offer suggestions and others ask for advice. Carol Poitz did all three.

The longtime player and frequent winner passed away recently. I send my condolences to her family, and thank her for playing this game. I hope it brought her joy.

Thanks for playing Carol and may you rest in peace.

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