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5 questions with…. Jo Arendell-Seymour, manager of Samba Soccer

Jo Arendell-Seymour, a New Zealand native, has been manager of Samba Soccer for the last 10 years. After recently closing down the in-door soccer facility for roof repairs, Samba Soccer has bounced back, thanks to some faithful patrons. The Union’s Zuri Berry caught up with Arendell-Seymour to get an idea of how things have been going.

How has the participation been for Samba Soccer since you’ve reopened?

Since then, everybody has been really happy we’ve reopened. So everybody has been coming back in. All the youth leagues and the adult leagues.

Did the closure really hurt you guys financially?

Oh, definitely. Yeah.

Any plans for Samba Soccer this summer?

Of course we don’t do any of the youth leagues because we all coach and deal with the outdoor league and stuff. We have the adult leagues year-round so we have women’s starting up again and co-ed and men’s as well and we have a tournament coming up in (three) weeks time. On the 25th of June, we have Yuba College. They come up and do an annual tournament up here. About 10 teams coming from that and we get teams coming from Sacramento, so it’s just really cool. Keeps it interesting.

What is your assessment of the prospective summer?

We hope so. Summer is actually our hardest time of year because everybody goes to the lake and to the rivers and stuff, so it would be nice to get people to come back in.

After doing this for so long, is there any thoughts about what’s next, for Samba Soccer or yourself?

We would like to eventually expand like into a bigger building. Because in winter time with the kids leagues, there’s not enough days or hours. It would be nice to have a bigger arena so we can have more teams, maybe have two fields instead of the one. It all depends on finances – you know how it is.

” Zuri Berry, Sports Writer

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