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5 questions with … Jay Perry

Jay Perry, a local mixed martial arts trainer and instructor, has moved his gym, Perry’s Athletic Training Center, into a larger space on Golden Gate Terrace in Grass Valley in order to accommodate the center’s growing students. His center is one of the few places in the area where fighting enthusiasts can train for MMA bouts, popularized in UFC and Pride. The Union’s Zuri Berry caught up with Perry to ask him about this change and what else to expect from Perry and his gym members.

What spurred you to open another gym in Grass Valley?

We ran out of space two years ago. We basically moved from one smaller size and tripled our size. But it’s all about what we offer our members … I call it the mini mall of Grass Valley. We have a wrestling mat, a boxing ring and everything else needed for people to train.

Is that the same reason why Perry’s Athletic Training Center is unique to the average Joe and Jane?

Well, we’re getting more into the community as well. We do adult, we do kids and we’re just trying to accommodate for everybody so that people can just come to one place. (The gym’s) very family oriented. My father is my teacher.

How does your experience play into instruction?

We have a lot of background and a lot of historical influences, especially with my dad. I think that’s the only reason I’m into this. Growing up, we were around a lot of famous fighters, learning and being around the sport.

How do you keep the gym sustainable?

Students. With a lot of Students. A lot of word of mouth and guys that are hungry for the MMA. I’m the only style in town that competes … that’s certified to compete MMA and cage fighting. That’s what we do. We try and promote guys to go pro … I have three other professional cage fighters, a girl that’s fighting and others learning.

You have an event coming up called Pankration Championships III. Can you explain what that is?

It’s Greek style of cross martial arts. Have you ever seen “Gladiator?” (Reporter says yes.) It’s like that. You fight ring in the dirt with no weapons. Back in the day, they had to either bone break or submit their opponent to win. Everything was bare knuckles. That’s kind of where it came from. Nowadays, the beginning level of UFC is Pankration.


For more information on Perry’s Athletic Training Center, go to http://www.PerrysATC.com. The new gym is located on 962 Golden Terrace in Grass Valley.

For more information on Pankration Championships III, visit http://www.FightLeague.org.

” Zuri Berry

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