With PG&E shutdowns likely to occur again this summer, now is the time to look at installing a backup generator | TheUnion.com

With PG&E shutdowns likely to occur again this summer, now is the time to look at installing a backup generator

To learn more, or to schedule Precision Electric to come to your home to provide a quote for a Generac Generator System, call 530-274-3438 or visit their website. Learn how to prepare for a power shutoff here.

We don’t know how long we will be stuck at home, and although businesses are opening up, the possibility of a second wave and stricter quarantine is there.  Imagine being quarantined in your home like the last couple of months, but this time without power.  You can’t work, you can’t open the fridge every fifteen minutes, you might not be able to bake, and NO NETFLIX!  This could become the reality of those of us who are 100% reliant on PG&E for our power this summer.

Having last year been found liable for the Camp Fire that claimed 85 lives and completely decimated the town of Paradise and its surrounding area two years ago, PG&E is taking extreme precautions to avoid sparking another wildfire this summer.  According to the company’s Public Safety Power Shutoff page, PG&E customers can expect to be without power for periods of time that may exceed 48 hours during high fire risk weather conditions again this summer, although the company has been working to mitigate the fire danger along their power lines and plans to take a more strategic approach to the shutdowns this year.  During that time, there will be no lights, rotting food in the refrigerator, no air conditioning for some, no computers to run businesses, no well pumps, no way to charge your phone…without electricity, life as we know it comes to a grinding halt. 

Don’t be left in the dark.  Precision Electric has a solution that will keep the power on no matter how long PG&E power is out.  They sell and professionally install Generac Standby Generator systems for both homes and businesses.  Generac is the top selling generator in the nation and the company has a solid reputation as providing good, quality, reliable products.  And the company’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Wisconsin, so you can feel great about buying a product made in the USA.

“The great thing about these systems is that they are fully automatic, so if you’re away from home you don’t have to worry about someone being there to start the generator,” said Dave Pfadt, owner of Precision Electric.  “We use Generac because we want a product we can count on.  If the product fails, our business takes a reputation hit too.”

 The average installed cost of the generator is about $14,000; some are a little less or more depending on the size of the generator and the complexity of the install.  Most installations take about a week total with inspections and coordination.  An over the counter permit can be done if everything is designed properly.  “The county has been great with working with us to make sure that these permits are processed quickly,” said Pfadt.  “Our primary business is new builds, remodels, and service work for electrical, but the generator aspect of our business has grown exponentially because of these planned power outages.  We are gearing up for installs throughout the summer.” 

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In addition to installing new generators, as Generac authorized dealers Precision Electric also performs all maintenance and repairs of Generac systems.  Some of the newer WIFI equipped models are even capable of letting the company know that the generator needs some maintenance.  Precision Electric can then contact the customer and let them know what is going on with their generator and why it might need to be a priority.

Although it is an investment, having a Generac generator increases the value of a home and business by approximately the same amount that is paid for it, a direct investment to recovery ratio.  In addition, knowing that this will continue to be an issue for many years to come,  most new homes being built in Nevada County are prewired for generators. 

Even if you have solar, it might not be of much help during these power shutdowns. Most solar systems are designed to either provide off grid power or push your meter backwards and reduce your power bill. If you have a system without a battery, the equipment cannot provide backup power.  If you have solar but are uncertain which type you have, Pfadt encourages you to talk to your solar provider, or Precision Electric to find out if backup generator power sources are needed.

Don’t delay, as Precision Electric is currently doing six to eight generator quotes per day, as opposed to their previous average of six per month.  Also, Pfadt encourages people to not try to create their own generator system, as that can lead to dire consequences.  “My biggest concern is that we are going to see a lot of homeowners trying to improvise with portable generators, which can cause a lot more concern for injury, death, and fires from improperly installed generator systems,” he said.  “As a Generac sales, service and warranty dealer, it’s amazing how many improperly installed generators we see in this county.” Precision Electric also installs manual transfer systems for use with portable generators for those with smaller loads or looking for a manual type solution.  There have been issues with people starting fires when they install generators themselves, so it is important to leave this to the professionals.

To learn more, or to schedule Precision Electric to come to your home to provide a quote for a Generac Generator System, call 530-274-3438 or visit pegv.net.

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