Think a Medical Marijuana ID Card Is Useless in the Recreational Era? Think Again |

Think a Medical Marijuana ID Card Is Useless in the Recreational Era? Think Again

Think a Medical Marijuana ID Card Is Useless in the Recreational Era? Think Again

Presently, 30 U.S. states permit marijuana for medical use. California was one of the first to do so in 1996; it’s also one of nine states that allows recreational cannabis use for adults 21 and older. While this was a huge victory for the cannabis community, it didn’t mark the end of medical marijuana.

In fact, this year many Californians are seeing a cannabis doctor and getting a marijuana ID card or medical cannabis recommendation. Why?

Municipalities Against Recreational Cannabis

While Proposition 64 technically legalizes recreational use, the reality has been local opposition. There are 332 California municipalities that currently ban all commercial cannabis activities. The number might decrease as litigation could force municipalities to change their stance, but only time will tell.

As of July 2018, statistics show that only 14% of CA municipalities permit recreational dispensaries and only 19% allow recreational marijuana delivery within their borders. On the other hand, 20% of municipalities permit medical marijuana stores and 32% authorize medical marijuana deliveries. As you can see, there are more MMJ storefronts and deliveries like Nugg than recreational. These numbers may change as the state issues more permits.

MMIC vs. Cannabis Recommendation

MMIC: AKA a medical marijuana ID card, this is state issued and puts you into a statewide database with an ID number. You won’t need to provide any info other than your MMIC number to be verified as a cannabis patient. Only a MMIC can exempt you from state (and in some cases local) sales taxes.

Cannabis Recommendation: Issued by a registered California cannabis doctor, it’s the bare minimum needed to use medical cannabis and doesn’t require registering with the state. Historically, the vast majority of medical cannabis patients prefer it.

Nonetheless, both:

  • Are valid forms of MMJ ID.
  • Are HIPPA protected so your personal info remains completely confidential.
  • Provide significant legal defense for medical cannabis patients. In fact, Prop. 64 strengthens existing defenses (if you illegally sell cannabis or possess more than the legal limits, you can face criminal prosecution).
  • Allow less restrictive purchase limits and greater legal possession limits.
  • Permit adults ages 18-20 to use medical cannabis.*

(*Due to Measure BB, backed and passed by Weedmaps, medical cannabis patients in Santa Ana under the age of 21 cannot purchase cannabis without their parents’ or guardians’ presence.)

Obtaining a Cannabis Recommendation

The first step to becoming a MMJ patient is getting a doctor’s evaluation. Luckily, this has never been easier, faster, or more affordable. If you do it correctly, the whole process could take as little as twenty minutes and $39 (or $59 for the rec and a marijuana ID card) with NuggMD. Why spend time searching, comparing, driving, and waiting when you can become a cannabis patient in minutes from just about anywhere?

As the nation’s leading telemedicine platform, NuggMD brings a registered cannabis doctor directly to you via online video conference on your smartphone or laptop. These docs have prescribed over 250,000 California cannabis recommendations and are dedicated to doing the same for you!

Simply visit NuggMD, fill out a confidential medical questionnaire, speak with a registered cannabis doctor, and find out if you qualify right there on the spot. That’s it. If you don’t, there’s no charge! When you do, simply pay the nominal fee and immediately get an online copy of your MMJ rec while the hard copy arrives by mail a few days later.

More NuggMD Benefits

NuggMD’s personal dedication doesn’t stop once you receive your marijuana ID card. They also provide free access to their cannabis concierge team. These incredibly knowledgeable and experienced cannabis experts can explain the differences between strains, products, ingesting vs inhaling cannabis and answer any cannabis question you have. They’re here to make you as comfortable as possible before using this new medicine.

It’s all because NuggMD’s founders believe customer satisfaction is paramount. “The most important part of the cannabis industry isn’t the cannabis – it’s the cannabis consumer. After all, good cannabis isn’t hard to find anymore, but good customer service is.”

Get your California recommendation along with intimate personal care from NuggMD and discover why it’s the nation’s leading medical cannabis provider!

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