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Teeth in a Day right here in Grass Valley

We’ve all seen those commercials which promise “teeth in a day” which are being done world-wide, but did you know that we have a leading expert in next generation dental implants right here in Grass Valley?

Dr. Arora, who works at Grass Valley Periodontics, provides the most current and least intrusive procedures for all of their patients, and is committed to being at the cutting edge of dental science.  Dr. Arora is dedicated to helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile with minimal healing time.    The office offers the full spectrum of periodontic services, from preventative therapy to help you keep your teeth, to periodontal surgery to fix imperfections before they become big problems, to implant dentistry, which includes the now famous “teeth in a day” procedure.

Dental implants are not a new concept.  In fact, the Chinese were using carved bamboo pegs to replace missing teeth 4,000 years ago, and 3,000 years ago an Egyptian king had a copper peg hammered into his upper jaw bone (ouch).  2,000 years ago, people replaced missing teeth with those of animals or slaves, and archaeologists have discovered ancient skulls dating from about 1,350 years ago with false teeth made of different materials, from jade to sea shells, and in some cases these were even fused to the jawbone.  And don’t forget that George Washington had wooden chompers!

Humans have been trying to find ways to replace missing teeth since the beginning of man, and dental science has evolved over time to the point where false teeth, if done right, last a lifetime and are indistinguishable from a natural set of pearly whites.

The “teeth in a day” implant procedure is actually a process that takes about three to six months from the initial consultation to the final FIXED, PERMANENT set of teeth, but is the closest we have ever come to replacing missing teeth in the history of dentistry.  “We have gotten the function of these implants to over 90% functional efficiency, but there’s always room for improvement.  Natural healthy teeth are 100%,” Dr. Arora said.

So what, exactly, does this miraculous process entail?

For a full jaw of FIXED, PERMANENT teeth, depending on the severity of the tooth decay and or loss, teeth will be removed to create a “blank slate” to work from.  Then, dental implants are placed into the bone and a temporary set of fixed teeth are given to be used while the gums heal, and as a result shrink a bit.  Three months after the procedure, the final teeth are secured with a titanium framework in the gums and voila – new teeth!

Not too long ago, most patients who wanted to get FIXED, PERMANENT teeth had to get bone grafts to ensure that the implants would stay in place.  The bone graft was not only more costly but also time consuming, but could not be avoided.

Then, about a decade ago in Portugal, the All in Four concept was developed by a forward thinking dentist, Dr. Paulo Halo, which included using four titanium implants (however, Dr. Arora prefers to use five whenever possible for extra stability) in each jaw at a 45 degree angle to anchor it securely as a foundation for a FIXED bridge that is long-lasting and durable.  This procedure revolutionized the dental field, and has become the golden standard of today.

In addition to being more effective and long-lasting, the All in Four procedure takes a process that used to require 5-6 hours per jaw and condenses it down to a two hour procedure that is now routinely done in Dr. Arora’s office.  This time reduction is partly because of the latest advances in medical technology, which allows Dr. Arora to completely plan the surgery for each unique patient using computer graphics to do the entire procedure virtually before the patient even arrives.  Then it’s just a matter of duplicating the program that he has created.  “It’s virtually foolproof,” Dr. Arora explained.

And, as promised, the bulk of the work is done in one day.  As an added bonus, getting the procedure done at Grass Valley Periodontics is a great way to support local business AND costs less than the offices that do the procedure in Roseville!

While nothing is perfect, the All in Four has a success rate of 94-96%, and the new “teeth” are made to your specifications and last a lifetime.  As it turns out, the future is now, and it’s got a gorgeous smile!

To learn more about getting “Teeth in a Day” right here in Grass Valley, or to schedule a complimentary consultation, visit aroraperio.com  or call (530) 273-3312.  Make sure to mention that you saw it here!

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