Next level holistic healthcare in Nevada City |

Next level holistic healthcare in Nevada City

To schedule an appointment to see Dr. Foshagen or for updates on seminars, call 530-264-7475 or visit her website at

After a thirty year career as a traditional family medicine practitioner, Dr. Linda Foshagen recently re-opened St. Moritz Medical Center with a new offering in Nevada County.  Focusing mainly on women’s health but open to everyone, St. Moritz offers a detailed look at one’s health and wellness. Blending her fundamental training in western medicine with lifestyle changes, Dr. Foshagen’s objective is to prevent or mitigate disease through the use state of the art laboratory testing, herbal medicine and nutraceuticals when appropriate.

In a quest to continue to keep up with emerging and innovative research-tested treatments, Dr. Foshagen is in a fellowship program in the Metabolic Medical Institute of University of South Florida.  This program emphasizes the need to understand physiological relationships between the immune system, the gut, the cardiometabolic system and hormonal balance with the goal of optimizing health. 

“Most of the diseases that Americans die from- cardiovascular disease, cancers, and diabetes, usually take decades to develop,” Dr. Foshagen said.  “So, instead of waiting until someone gets the diagnosis, we can identify risk factors which increase the odds of developing them.  As part of this prevention plan, we offer complete physicals and can recommend appropriate routine cancer screenings.”

The problem with our current insurance based care system is that early risk factor screening, labs and interventions are rarely covered.  Paying the high cost of health insurance premiums and co-pays in this country, most Americans have been seduced into believing that such insurance guidelines define appropriate health care.  Again, Dr. Foshagen believes that this “disease model” has ignored a great opportunity to support prevention.  She has, therefore, stepped out of the insurance based health care model to give what she believes is superior medical care.

What to Expect

St. Moritz is an out of network provider and there is no ongoing financial commitment required of the patient.  “They pay only for the visits they need; I am not a concierge doctor,” she said.  Using a non-HMO plan such as Blue Shield or Blue Cross PPO, patients are given a written statement with the ICD10 codes used for medical billing.  Depending on which insurance product that a patient has, reimbursement from submitting this billing statement may be anywhere from nothing to 80% of the cost of the visit.  Lab work is often paid for by insurance.  The office no longer carries a Medicare contract. 

Americans pay so much for their healthcare… more than most first world countries.  The access to that care keeps decreasing as the premiums and co-pays continue to increase. “Americans have become addicted to their health insurance,” says Foshagen.  “They have allowed the companies to largely determine the care they receive.  What we really need to look at is taking greater responsibility for our lifestyle; changing those behaviors that undermine our health.  We can also look at modalities not always utilized in general allopathic medicine which may have excellent benefits.  There are, for example, many herbal medicines which can support and treat conditions such as elevated blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugars, before those numbers reach diabetic or hypertensive criteria.  As a family doctor with osteopathic and allopathic degrees, she is confident that the expanded toolbox can help many more patients.

St. Moritz also utilizes some laboratories such as Boston Heart which offers advanced analysis of cardiovascular health, and Genova for gut, immune, and hormone health.  Dr. Foshagen works with products from Harvard researchers with products to support brain health, and the USC Longevity Institute program of intermittent fasting mimicking diets (Dr. Longo).

The initial consult is $375, and follow ups range from $125-$275, depending upon time and complexity of service.  That first visit lasts 60-90 minutes and includes a detailed medical history.  Prior to the appointment, a new patient fills out an online form that delves into their health history. Dr. Foshagen reviews this as a baseline to learn about the patient.  At the initial consult, she and the patient review symptoms, history, and healthcare goals together to identify their goals and any issues which need to be addressed.  Following this focused exam, a customized plan for the particular patient’s needs is developed.  This plan usually includes lab analysis, and oftentimes a review of nutritional status and lifestyle issues which may be affecting their health.

 “I now am able to spend much more time with a patient and look in depth at what is actually the cause of their physical dysfunction.  We know the blood sugar is rising, but what is the reason?  Same with high blood pressure.  Our goal is to look for ways to reverse early risk and warning signs of disease.  Having lost my own beloved brother at age 42 from sudden cardiac death, I have been passionate in educating my patients about the risk of high blood pressure, obesity, and stress levels,” says Dr. Foshagen. 


This approach is a highly personalized form of medical care.  Dr. Foshagen has a virtual pharmacy which patients can access for supplements, vitamins, and herbal products from quality companies which demonstrate safety and research documented efficacy. She also works with compounding pharmacists to provide more tailor-made medication, if needed. 

St. Moritz Medical also now offers telemedicine services. This makes it possible for patients with time and travel restrictions to avail themselves of services, as long as they do the initial appointment in her office. Her most remote patient lives in Switzerland, while others are in Roseville and Davis.

Other Services

For those wanting their outside to feel as great as their inside, Dr. Foshagen also offers aesthetic medicine. These services include Botox, dermal fillers, and advanced skin care, which she has provided for over ten years. 

Wanting to share the message of optimal health to everyone in the community no matter their financial standing, Dr. Foshagen also gives public seminars at no charge on topics that have the greatest impact on the most people. Examples of seminars she has spoken on include the role of hormones in our mental and physical health and the effect of stress on the immune system.  “I love to know about a patient at this level,” says Foshagen, “I believe this style of medicine is so rewarding for both myself and my patient”.

To schedule an appointment to see Dr. Foshagen or for updates on seminars, call 530-264-7475 or visit her website at

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