Get your yard and property ready for summer |

Get your yard and property ready for summer

Hills Flat Lumber is here to help

Winter is finally over, and like a squatter that we just couldn’t evict for way too long, she left quite the mess for us to deal with.  Whether you have a postage stamp sized backyard or acreage to contend with, Hills Flat Lumber (HFL) has everything you need to get it into perfect condition, from start to finish.  Make your yard the envy of your neighborhood and then invite everyone over for a barbecue to show off your hard work. 

HFL sells and services quality Stihl and Husqvarna outdoor power tools, parts, and accessories for everything you need to get the job done right.   You can also get your equipment from most major manufacturers serviced and repaired there to make certain it is in tip top shape for the season.  And if you don’t want to commit to your equipment, HFL offers rentals so that you can try them out at home, like a first date with your power tools. You can even get a new barbecue at HFL as a finishing touch, since they carry a large selection of Weber and Traeger grills and accessories, so the aroma of freshly grilling meat can waft through the neighborhood.  Hopefully you attract helpers, not meat bees.

A Clean Yard is a Fire Safe Yard

It’s important to deal with dead and downed trees before fire season starts.  Fire safety is the buzz word du jour, and as we gain new neighbors from Santa Rosa and Paradise, it’s easy to see why.  A clean yard is a fire safe yard, and the place to start is with your trees.  Take care of those dead and downed branches, and make sure that you don’t have any ladder fuels touching your roof.  Stihl and Husqvarna offer ranch quality chainsaws, blowers, string trimmers and other tools in gasoline and battery-operated versions.   They have a professional lineup as well as units for lighter home use. 

Gentlemen, start your engines.

Hills Flat also sells prepackaged fuel for your gas powered handheld products.   It’s not the same as what you get at the pumps; this is specifically made for your small engines so it is easy to use without harmful effects to the motors.  They also have synthetic add mix which bonds to the engine parts.  “If you buy the synthetic add mixture when you buy a Stihl or Husqvarna product new from us, the companies are so confident in the synthetic oils extending the motor life that they will double the length of the warranty,” said Jeff Pardini, owner of Hills Flat Lumber. 

Gearing Up for Summer

Don’t wait for spring to be in full bloom before you begin to check your equipment.  Do you have everything you need?  Is it in working order?  Your equipment has been in the shed or garage all winter, feeling cold and neglected.  They can use some love before you haul them out to start doing some heavy work, so bring your tools and equipment to Hills Flat now for tune up and servicing.  The technicians at Hills Flat are truly the best, having been trained and certified in servicing your equipment.  But be warned that once the season begins and the grass really begins to grow like the plants from Jumanji, which it will, there is a huge rush and you may have a wait to get your equipment serviced.  The early bird gets their tools serviced.  Hills Flat has recently added an automated style chainsaw sharpener that sharpens all facets of the chain; in fact, you will leave with your chains cleaned and sharper than they were right out of the box. 

Let the friendly associates at HFL help you find exactly what you need

It’s also a good time to check out anything you might need to replace or add to your tool and equipment collection.  Because you always need another tool, right?  You can feel great about adding to your tool collection from HFL because every tool they sell leaves the store fueled, oiled, and ready to use.  They will even fill out the warranty card for you!

Safety First

It’s important that you use safety first when using any piece of motorized equipment, but especially chainsaws.  We all remember the Texas Chainsaw Massacre…those things can do some damage!  Always wear eye protection, and it is highly recommended that you wear chaps.  HFL has special chaps (not the Chippendales kind) that may prevent serious injury if you have a chainsaw mishap.  Check out this demo to see how effective the chaps are.

You can also get a pole pruner, which is like a chainsaw at the end of a pole (great for pruning trees AND fighting zombies).  The pole pruners extend 12’ or more, so you can stay off the ladder and keep your feet on the ground.

Use the proper safety equipment when operating chainsaws

Once you have those dead and downed limbs dealt with, it’s a total pain to haul the refuse to the dump or spend hours sitting around the burn pile drinking beer and making sure you don’t start a massive wildfire.  Why not rent a chipper from HFL instead?  You can use the chips in your garden or as part of your landscaping.   And for the logs that you save to burn through the next cold season, be aware that Fire Departments are now requiring that you cover your wood piles with fireproof tarps, and of course you can get those at HFL.

No matter what you need for your yard, you can find it at Hills Flat Lumber.  To learn more about HFL’s rentals, sales, service, parts, and accessories click HERE.

Don’t be a Procrastinating Pete

This is Pete.  Pete has waited until June to start clearing out his yard, and pulls his rusty chainsaw out of the garage.  Pete realizes that he needs to get his chainsaw and lawnmower serviced, so he heads to Hills Flat.   The friendly and helpful associates explain to him that since everyone has the same idea, it will be a couple of weeks, but that he can rent some equipment in the meantime.  Pete is very upset  with himself for procrastinating yet again, but vows to be on top of things next year.  He ignores the advice of the associate and does not buy safety chaps because Procrastinating Pete NEVER gets hurt.  He returns home with his rusty chainsaw and dull chain and goes to work on the dead branches that are on the tree next to his house from the tip top of his rickety ladder that he has procrastinated on replacing.  The rickety ladder fails and causes Pete to cut through a limb and hit the rain gutter next to it, which ignites the woodpile next to the house that he did not cover with fireproof tarps that Cal Fire is now requiring (available at Hills Flat, of course).  Pete sees the flames and loses his concentration for a moment.  The chainsaw slips and cuts his thigh, which is totally exposed because he is not wearing the safety chaps recommended by Hills Flat.  He falls off the ladder, bleeding, and the last thing he sees before he faints from blood loss is his house going up in flames. 

Don’t be a Procrastinating Pete.

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