Children for Children – A Showcase of Hope |

Children for Children – A Showcase of Hope

Child Advocates of Nevada County is offering an opportunity to become a voice for children in our community, simply by being entertained at an inspirational performance by Nevada County's talented youth. The Showcase of Hope concert will take place at 2 p.m. and again at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, February 12, at The Center for the Arts, and will benefit local children in need.

Child Advocates' annual benefit concert is a fun and lively event of music and dance performed by local gifted children. This year's performers include a trio of dancers from Nevada Union High School's acclaimed dance program, an 8-year-old violin virtuoso, a comedy juggling duo, a nationally recognized dance troupe, and much more.  The performers share their passion, dedication and support for all children to grow up in a nurturing and loving home.

In addition to the youth performances, the Showcase of Hope event includes a silent auction that provides opportunities to bid on unique and exciting items such as Disneyland Park Hopper passes, a ride to school in a fire truck, a private archeological tour of a local State park, a ride in a local airplane, river rafting on the American River, an overnight Safari at the San Diego Zoo, and more!  Come early to peruse auction items; doors open one hour before performances begin.

The Showcase of Hope concert benefits the work of Child Advocates of Nevada County, which provides vital support and advocacy for local children and families. Child Advocates supports some of Nevada County's most vulnerable children through a variety of programs, including advocating for foster children through the CASA program, supporting new parents through home visitation programs, and providing school-based programs to assist all students to reduce and identify abuse and bullying.

CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocate and a CASA is a community volunteer who, after screening and training, is matched with a child who has been removed from home because of abuse and/or neglect. It is a CASA's job to deeply understand that child's history, situation, needs, feelings, and wishes and to make the child's perspective and voice heard in the courtroom so that the best possible decisions can be made on the child's behalf.

CASAs gather information from everyone involved in the child's life and they also find ways to bring their CASA children help, support and a bit of joy.  There have been countless success stories of CASAs changing lives for the better and truly making a difference in children's lives:

Recommended Stories For You

  • One CASA volunteers in her CASA child's preschool classroom to give him the help he needs at school.
  • Another took her CASA child, who dreams about becoming a dancer, to a dance performance this young girl would not otherwise have been able to see.
  • One CASA takes her child to the library, a place he'd never heard of, and they read together nearly every week.
  • A CASA surprised a teenager with a roomful of beautiful dresses, shoes and jewelry that she'd gathered. Her CASA teen spent hours trying them on and chose her favorite outfit for her prom.
  • One child was removed a second time from his home and placed in foster care. His CASA was there to listen, to reassure, and to share his pain.
  • One CASA was "home base" when her child visited a mother she didn't remember very well. The little girl returned again and again to sit on her CASA's lap to take a break from the stress of the visit.
  • One CASA found her teenager new and gently used clothes, bringing just a little normalcy to a girl in a tragic situation.
  • Another encouraged his CASA teen to join a football team which brought the young man new-found confidence and strength.
  • Another walked alongside through a teen pregnancy.
  • Another CASA works with her CASA child on her homework so she can attend the school of her choice.
  • And so much more…

Melinda Douros, CASA Program Manager, explains that, "CASAs teach, encourage, model, inspire, champion, and fight for kids who are in the midst of pain, fear and uncertainty. CASAs show, in a hundred different ways, that those kids matter."

In celebrating the creativity and optimism of youth, the February 12 event is truly a Showcase of Hope for the future and a powerful vehicle for spreading compassion and respect, caring, and collaboration to a broad range of Nevada County's community.
The event is made possible with the support of many community volunteers, local business, and generous sponsors. Together we can make a difference in the lives of children.

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