Changes you need to know before filing your taxes |

Changes you need to know before filing your taxes

This is the first year that the reforms outlined in the new tax law will affect taxes for individuals and businesses, and there are many things you need to know before you start preparing for your visit to the accountant.   This is an important and timely topic as we are nearing the end of the first fiscal year since the law was enacted.

To help individuals understand the changes in the tax code, Mary Owens will host a complimentary seminar open to the public at her office located at 426 Sutton Way, Suite 110, in Grass Valley, California.  The seminar will be offered from 2-4 p.m. each day during the week of October 2-5.

Recently, Mary expanded Owens Estate & Wealth by opening a second location in downtown Auburn and will host an additional session from 2-4 p.m. on Tuesday, October 9, at the Auburn Holiday Inn, located at 120 Grass Valley Highway, in the Auburn Terrace room.

During this year’s Fall seminar, Oct 2-5 in Grass Valley and Oct 9th in Auburn, Mary will present an economic update covering local, national, and global economies, and will discuss the state of housing in Nevada County.  In addition, there are many changes to the new tax code that everyone should be made aware of as we near the end of 2018. This seminar will provide a guideline for individuals when speaking to their accountant when tax season begins.  Mary will proceed in showing a short video that will discuss various areas of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, including, but not limited to, the marriage penalty, mortgage deductions, charitable deductions and 529 college savings plans.

This educational seminar will provide invaluable insight and guidelines for individuals and businesses alike that will help explain the benefits available.  Following the presentation, Mary will offer attendees an opportunity to ask questions and invites everyone to enjoy refreshments and gourmet hors d’oeuvres.

Each year, Mary produces two On Point videos, which addresses fresh ideas and current trends affecting the economy.  These videos are presented during Mary’s annual Fall and Spring Seminars. Previous segments have covered topics such as China, Rethinking Education, Retraining our Workforce, Manufacturing, Brexit, The Popular Vote vs. The Electoral College, and more.

Mary Owens is an acclaimed presenter who has spoken at economic symposiums and national conventions all over the United States. In 2015 she was named to the prestigious Financial Times 400 Advisors List.  She encourages anyone in the community who is interested to attend this informative, complimentary seminar to learn her insights on the economy and The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

To learn more, view the video trailer by visiting their website at

Limited seating available. To reserve your seat call (530) 272-7500 or e-mail


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