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California Outdoors Q&A: Fish, wildlife and … cannabis?

August 22, 2019

Question: I follow the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s social media pages, and it seems like recently there have been a lot of posts promoting cannabis growing workshops and other cannabis activity. This makes...

Aug. 31 is Free Fishing Day in California

August 22, 2019

Free Fishing Day in California is being offered by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Saturday, Aug. 31, during Labor Day weekend. “Free Fishing Day is a great opportunity for experienced anglers to share...

Denis Peirce: The heat goes on

August 22, 2019

It is late August and predictably the weather remains hot. We are probably a month out from cool weather but there are good fisheries in the north state. For trout and salmon anglers the key...

Denis Peirce: Frog days of summer

August 8, 2019

The annual cycle of fishing goes from water that is too cold in the winter to too warm in the summer. The best fishing is available at the transition times in spring and fall. Fishing...

Mary West: Day Hiker checks out Windy Point Trail

July 11, 2019

Teacher, author, lover of the outdoors; Eric Peach, first took me to Windy Point Trail in Colfax several years ago. The poppies on the hillside are epic with the American River below and a view...

Singletrack officially finished near Truckee

June 27, 2019

Seven miles of new singletrack trail linking the Sawtooth Trail in Sierra Meadows with Watson Lake and the Tahoe Rim Trail has been officially completed in the Truckee area. The Truckee Trails Foundation recently announced...