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Jennifer Nobles

Jennifer Nobles began writing on a freelance basis for The Union in October 2017. Her articles appeared on the cover of each Prospector entertainment supplement until April 2018 when she joined The Union as a full-time staff writer.

Jennifer was born and raised in Nevada City, and earned her Liberal Studies associates degree from Sierra College. She graduated with her bachelors in science from Portland State University, where she majored in communication studies with an emphasis on pop culture and the media, in 2006.

While serving as an advertising assistant for Mike Thrasher Presents, a large Portland-based concert promotion firm, she also worked as an editorial assistant for Punk Rock Confidential magazine. Her work has appeared in publications such as Heckler, Law of Intertia, Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Arthur magazines.

After returning to her hometown in 2016, Jennifer has served as social media manager for the Nevada City Film Festival, and has used her experience in writing to aid efforts by The Center for the Arts, Nevada County Arts Council, and The Altar Show.

Jennifer lives in Grass Valley with her partner Andy and their border-collie Thelma.

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