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Ivan Natividad

Ivan Natividad is Digital Editor at The Union. He first joined the team in 2014 as the business and education reporter; and also served as the paper’s city reporter and Content Editor.

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and raised in Sacramento, Ivan received his undergraduate degree from UC Santa Barbara, majoring in global studies. He has worked as a community organizer and youth advocate in the Bay Area, and started his journalism career in 2008 as a freelance writer, contributing to media outlets like The Nation, WireTap Magazine, Asian Week, and Hyphen Magazine.

Prior to joining The Union, Ivan earned a master’s degree in journalism from Georgetown University, and worked as a reporter in Washington D.C. for publications such as Roll Call, USA Today and Homicide Watch D.C.

He now resides with his wife and three kids in Grass Valley.

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