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Wood matters

Before you stop our loggers:

Is your property “fireproof”? How without affecting the environment?

Many environmentalists came from the city. Why? Because the price of uncut land was cheap. You bought the land, cut the trees, and proceeded to build your homes. All this in mind you affected the environment. Then you turn tell the people who have built their entire lives here what they can or can’t do for they are hurting the environment.

Wait just a minute here. I’m telling you that your commuting back and forth to the city to work is hurting our environment. Air pollution among other things. What do you give back to the environment?

To save our forest we need to thin and harvest the old trees. Thinning and harvesting old trees helps promote a healthy forest. Just like pulling a bad tooth helps a person to remain healthy.

I can see you want to save something, but why not save the people? Work together as a community. Help to provide jobs for those who live here, instead of destroying more jobs.

Why are our saw mills closed? Loggers out of jobs? Homes vacated? No local jobs available? Environmentalists.

Save the bears. Save the frogs. Save the mountain lions. Let’s be realistic here. We live here. Give us back our rights to protect our homes, our livestock, our community.

The environmentalists are not affected by what they fight for. They only buy land here and fight here. They do not live here. They don’t even work in our communities. They work in the city.

What is in our homes that is made of wood? Here’s a partial list to those who want to save trees. Can they say they have nothing in their home that a cut tree did not provide for?

Paper, newspaper, toilet paper, toilet seat, towel rack, cabinets, dining table, yard furniture, planters, chairs, furniture, picture frames, end tables, book shelves, beds, stereo stands, TV stands, paper towels, doors, walls, computer stands … the list is endless. What is in their homes? I’d really like to know.

Rhonda Murphy


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