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Women joining in global retreat

Here are ten reasons women’s voices should be heard:

1. We look at the big picture and take a holistic or global view on issues.

2. We create partnership and cooperation.

3. We’re compassionate.

4. We want to see win/win for all involved.

5. We’re about inclusion.

6. We nurture and support life.

7. We trust our intuition.

8. We find joy in our creativity.

9. We are protectors of the young.

10. We have a deep level of sensitivity and honoring of feelings.

These are just some of the reasons why women need more than ever before to inspire, connect with others, speak out, get involved and become activated for the well-being of the world. We need to speak and influence from our perspectives, and our communities and world need to hear what we have to say.

This is why an organization called WOVA (Women of Vision and Action) created a global movement known as “Gather the Women.” During the month of March, we are calling on the voices of all women to harness their power and wisdom for the benefit of all life and come together to create positive solutions for our families, communities and the world at large.

“Gather the Women” is calling for a global retreat. A week in which women take time to reflect and envision the kind of world we want. Focusing on prayer, introspection, healing and forgiveness in preparation for our day of celebration and inspiration.

We are inviting the women of Nevada County to join with us on International Women’s Day, as we gather with women in 16 countries and 26 states throughout the U.S. We aren’t just inviting like-minded individuals. It is time to bring all views together to find our common ground. We will not get to this place where we find more that connects us than what alienates us until we gather and communicate. There are wounds to heal in our own community.

This is not to say men do not have access to these qualities we have listed here, or for that matter that some women don’t tend to override these natural instincts, but these are some of the qualities we attribute to the natural state of women.

The qualities we characterize as feminine are the technology we must apply to the problems we are facing in the world today. Women must now be willing to leave the safety of our comfortable lives, release men from having to provide a lifestyle which is based on having more and more material goods, and take responsibility for creating a world that can sustain itself for generations to come. Our voices must be brought to the table … the corporate table, the boardroom tables, the school board tables, as well as the dining table. Men and women bring a different perspective to these tables and it is imperative that we are both there.

In a country where 52 percent of the population is women, only 10 percent of our representation is female. There is a disproportional balance of power. We revisit the feminist movement from a very new place. We are not seeking power, but partnership. We come from love, not anger. We want to bring balance, not control. We are gathering to create the conversations, dialogue and connection that will lead to solutions. These solutions can bring people together on the positions that otherwise continue to isolate and divide us in our local communities as well as in the global perspective.

It is time for women to gather and let our voices be heard for the benefit of all life. Come join us in Grass Valley on March 8 from 1-5 p.m. at the Grass Valley Methodist Church, 236 Church St. For more information, please call: 265-7474 and visit our website at: http://www.gatherthewomen.org.

Mary Elizabeth Young, a Nevada County businesswoman, has been part of a team of women who are bringing “Gather the Women” to Nevada County. Marilyn Nyborg, a high-tech recruiter, is a coordinator for “Gather The Women” events worldwide.

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