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Witches are humane, and not Satanists

Wicca (witchcraft, before you ask) is a nature-based and nature-honoring way of life. We do not sacrifice animals or do inhumane things to any living being (man, plant or animal).

We do not desecrate graves. As well as honoring the living, we also honor the dead. Anyone who says they’re proud to hurt animals and desecrate graves is not a witch.

I know that some Satanists sacrifice animals and possibly desecrate graves. So do people on the same caliber of mental disorder as Jeffery Dahmer.

Witches do give offering to the divine as do Christians and most other groups. Instead of bashing how “good” we are by how much money we give to a church, we make our offerings out of natural things of beauty provided by a forest, grove, ocean, etc. or by personal creativity of a talent we have (music, art, etc.)

Too often, people blame witches because we are an easy target. Christians label witchcraft “the work of the devil.”

They are as shallow-minded as you seem. You judge what you don’t know and condemn what you don’t understand.

Christians did sacrifice animals in the name of God. From the beginning of the Bible your grain suggestion was unacceptable to their God (Cain and Abel). The Christians retained a custom of human sacrifice longer than any other culture and out of this tradition arose the crucifixion of Christ.

James Brock Jr.

Grass Valley

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