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Will we blindly follow Bush into war?

The attempt at “lemmingizing” the U. S. Congress and the American public to justify a war on Iraq by Mr. Bush Jr. is appalling. Is the American public to act as lemmings and blindly follow Mr. Bush Jr. as he leaps off the cliff and leads us into another conflict? This is a disaster for both countries, and ultimately the world.

Is the haste to oust Mr. Hussein and regime at this time without valid evidence based on “liquid gold,” i.e., oil? Is our haste to attack without world or allied support representative of the new policy of “America Supreme?”

We, with Great Britain, have been “presumptively attacking” Iraq since the apparent lull in the Gulf War. What we are witnessing is a continuation of that conflict in order to conclude the original attempt.

Without evidence to substantiate all the charges stated by Messrs. Bush Jr., Cheney and Rumsfeld with Miss Rice, then no, no, no and no to war on Iraq.

The reasons for war: no evidence, no American public unanimous support, no unanimous Congressional support and no United Nations support. This is the word from Mr. Bush Jr.

Beware having another “Tonkin Gulf” episode that catapulted us into Vietnam. Now 30 years later, we are facing the same decision. Once, “shame on you,” but twice, “shame on me.”

No war on or with Iraq.

M. Andre

Grass Valley

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